Announcing the Chain Golem! & NEW @SPLINTERLANDS BLOG UPDATE!

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The screech of metal on metal was deafening as the golem's gears first started turning. Archmage Arius cackled in delight. He's alive! He's alive!!! Arius encoded one message before turning the golem loose upon the world: "My brother must die... find him and slay him. Only then will I release your soul back into the void." The golem stood, grabbed a morningstar from the wall, and lumbered loudly into the night with the blood curse and his metal prison heavy on his mind.

We are excited to finally reveal the latest Kickstarter/Fundition exclusive card - the Chain Golem! As expected, he is a strong tank card and is only the second card in the game to have both the Shield and Void abilities (the first being Lord Arianthus, of course). He also gains the Piercing and Stun abilities at higher levels making him a real force both offensively and defensively.

Emails should go out to all crowdfunding backers with promo codes for the Chain Golem cards and Essence Orbs for all eligible contributions later today, so please keep an eye out for that. If you do not receive an email and your contribution was eligible to receive Chain Golems or Essence Orbs, please first check your spam and junk folders, and then contact us at or contact @aggroed on Discord.

It has been a bit of a crazy process organizing all of the rewards and including all of the special requests from 300+ backers, so we want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding. If there are any mistakes with your rewards, please let us know and we will make sure that everyone gets what they are entitled to.

Blog Update

We also wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that, as part of our transition from Steem Monsters to Splinterlands, going forward we will be making all of our blog posts from the @splinterlands account on Steem instead of the @steemmonsters account. We will still be re-steeming all of the posts from the @steemmonsters account, so all of our followers on that account will still see the posts, but we also recommend that you take a second to follow the @splinterlands account as well.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Great stats and an amazing card overall. Finally a REAL tank that can do dmg!

Got my code, can’t wait to try him out in battle. This offer was one of the reasons I went with the kickstarter.

Take THAT Flesh Golem!!

So hot right now!!

What a Beast! <3


Woot woot woooo t ....

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Chaingolem looks great!

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Powerful tank!

So Chain Golem is a Neutral & Untamed (not promo) card. Will they be available to pull from packs as all other untamed cards?

It is exclusive to the recent crowdfunding campaign, it is not available in packs.

It is very exciting news. Thanks

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Look forward to

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Good tank, but little slow 😂

I participated in the crowdfunding but I don't know if I'm elligible to this card .... How do we know?

Got it!

Should I combine the cards? What do you say?

Dang! 😲 how'd you get so many

Hi there... I bought the starter pack with 30 cards in but I never received them.. I've only received the cards from the booster packs I bought...

Do your cards NOT show up when you play? Or do you only have a few cards to choose from when battling?

The Starter Packs are NOT tradeable, so they don't show up in your collection (when you're just viewing it), but you SHOULD be able to SEE and USE them when battling.

Tag me when you reply (@carrieallen) or find me on Discord (carrieallen#9415) and we can get this figured out. 😘

Hehehe ok no I totally misunderstood @carrieallen I thought I would be getting 30 extra trading cards.. Ah but not to worry😊

Is there a community that can help me learn this game because boy am I struggling with it

greetings, @steemmonsters

I bough 527 packs on steemmonsters site. Why did i not receive this golem???

This was EXCLUSIVE to the Kickstarter.
Here's a screenshot of what you needed to contribute (to the Kickstarter) to get some:
Screenshot 384.png

And... the two posts about it:
Chain Golem UNCHAINED- Quest Complete

Sorry for the confusion.😍@carrieallen

Magic, powerful, long time waited and now dropped from the sky into the splinter lands which. Ravaged he look over the fields of battled, spotted the enemy, attacked it at a glance and dropped it down. A fast death that many will encounter from now on...fear the Chain Golem!!!

Really impressed with the design and the strenght of the card. It was a really good decision to back the kickstarter :)

Such a badass card :D