Countdown to Untamed - The Final Reveal!

This is it, Black Friday and the final reveal post before the imminent release of Splinterlands: Untamed! With this post we will have revealed approximately half of the new Untamed edition cards that will be released tomorrow, so it's going to be a lot to take in!

To help players adjust to the influx of new cards to choose from, we are going to increase the amount of time available to choose your team by 30 seconds, and we have also added updated filtering options to the team select screen that should make it much quicker to filter cards by attack type and mana than it was previously.

As always, please keep in mind that everything is still subject to change before the release. This includes the stats, abilities, names, and even the entire card itself.

For this final reveal, we will be showing two new cards from each splinter, PLUS a new Legendary Dragon Splinter card! Enjoy!

Presenting: Albatross, Ice Pixie, Bone Golem, Darkest Mage, Child of the Forest, Khmer Princess, Magma Troll, Spark Pixies, Lone Boatman, Truthspeaker, Mantoid, the Legendary Cornealus, and finally the Legendary Dragon Splinter Monster - Scale Doctor.


Albatross have recently migrated from the other side of the world. They have a mejestic beauty that stuns onlookers who see them fly by. In battle, they use their long beaks as sabres and their razor-sharp wing feathers to slice at their enemies. The Pirates of Azmaré hold strong superstition that anyone who kills an Albatross will be doomed to a lifetime of bad luck, but still sometimes a fight must be made, for the Pirates’ own defense.

The Albatross is a 1 mana cost tank healer...'nuff said.

Ice Pixie

The temperature of Azmaré’s Frozen Hell has been gradually but steadily increasing for the last ten years, since the salt sickness has taken hold there. The Ice Shelf itself is not in any imminent danger of melting, nor is the Palace of the Frost Giant, but new, mischievous creatures of the ice have been emerging from the melted cracks. These Ice Pixies have apparently been frozen for many lifetimes, simply awaiting a warmer season to make their escape. Once free, Ice Pixies play like warp speed children throughout the Splinterlands, making a real mess of the natural world.

The Ice Pixie is another strong low mana cost card for the Water splinter. Her magic attack shatters enemies' armor and she sports some ice armor herself to protect against attacks.

Bone Golem

Bones are plentiful in the land of the dead. The creation of Bone Golems is one of the few ways that Dark Eternal Sorcerers can express their individuality. Zintar Motalis, for example, is known for crafting Golems from sharpened and jagged bones, while the Cryptmancer creates behemoths of polished and rounded bones, designed to smash and batter. No matter how it was built, a Bone Golem is a destructive and unnatural beast of the dark.

The Bone Golem is an interesting big tank card for the Death splinter. It's strong against Magic attacks with the Void ability and at max level can Knock Out stunned enemies. On top of that it also is able to fix armor using its bones giving it the Repair ability.

Darkest Mage

Even though it is one of the most skilled Dark Sorcerers in all the Splinterlands, the Darkest Mage still does not have the full trust of the Lord of Darkness. The Mage has never betrayed the him in any way, but the Dark Lord claims to be able to see the “true state” of the Mage’s soul. The activities of the Darkest Mage are always supervised by a specialized team of Skeleton Keepers, who the Darkest Mage refers to as its “jailors.”

The Darkest Mage is a strong low mana cost card for the Death splinter with 2 Magic attack at level 5. It has the Affliction ability which causes enemies it hits to not able to be healed (should be quite strong against Earth) and the Rust ability at max level which reduces all enemy monsters' armor.

Child of the Forest

The rivers of Life and Power make it easy to survive in the Forests of Anumün. Runaway Human and Goblin children have always found their ways into the enchanted Forests where they can live without parental rule. These children are as dangerous as they are resourceful, having taught themselves to survive in a world of natural chaos and social alienation.

The Child of the Forest adds more Ranged Snipe damage to the Earth splinter and also adds in the Snare ability which makes him strong against Flying targets.

Khmer Princess

Once, on the other side of the world, a great Empire thrived known as Khmer. After generations of great losses from a horrific and indescribable enemy, the Khmer were forced to abandon their home and relinquish their Empire. The small numbers that remain of the Khmer have traveled the Outer Ocean on tecnologically advanced ships, the first in the Splinterlands to make use of combustion engines. Although the magic of the Khmer is powered by fire, they landed first in Anumün and decided to make their new home on the Lyverian plains The Khmer are ruled by Princess Sipha; not only is she the only among her seven sisters that survived the wars, but she is the fiercest Khmer warrior. She has very little to prove, but she will do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of her Khmer people.

The Khmer Princess is a low mana cost all-around healer for the Earth Splinter. In addition to Tank Heal she also has the Triage ability allowing her to heal two different monsters each round. She's not all about healing though and she still packs a little punch with her magic attack!

Magma Troll

It is a wonder that these huge destructive beasts of the Burning Lands don't bring their own cave walls crashing down upon themselves each day. They don't use weapons; the Trolls' fists are stronger than any club. Trolls never emerge from the caves, they are allergic to sunlight, gradually turning to stone when exposed for extended periods of time.

The Magma Troll is a second position Reach monster for the Fire splinter. In addition to dealing a nice amount of Melee damage he can also apply Affliction on his enemies removing their ability to be healed.

Spark Pixies

In the Burning Lands, the force of electricity is barely understood; it is considered a form of fire. Small but powerful living sparks known as Spark Pixies bring fire through the natural electricity they carry. They are extremely fast, and as a group, they can burn a village in mere minutes.

The Spark Pixies have a strong Ranged attack and can Stun their enemies, but most importantly with 7 speed, Flying, and Dodge at max level they are extremely difficult to hit with a Melee or Ranged attack.

Lone Boatman

Covering the dirtiest work in the land, the Boatmen are an extremely important piece of the Khymian societal machine. They manage the fishing and seafood industry, but also maintain the boats and control all InterSplinter trade. Boatmen are the only Khymians to live consistently outside the mountain walls. Sadly, when Khymeria is attacked by outside forces, the Boatmen are the first to know. They are however, a physical force to be reckoned with.

The Lone Boatman is a Ranged attack Sniper who shatters ennemies' armor while also repairing the armor of friendly monsters!


The most mysterious of Khymian priests, Truthspeakers are warriors of prayer. Communication is their main field of study, and through their prayers they are given the ability to speak in every language. Most strange is their ability to speak in tongues, which communicates directly with the Angel Realm. When used in battle, this skill calls down a smiting light from heaven. Though quite uncontrollable, the Angel’s Light is extremely destructive.

The Truthspeaker uses the power of her voice to protect all friendly monsters giving them +2 Armor and at later levels she also has Cleanse which removes all negative effects on the first friendly monster and then also Tank Heal.


A Mantoid is a skinny insect, resembling a praying mantis, about the size of a Goblin’s head. As it approaches its prey, the Mantoid may tilt its head inquisitively from side to side and rub its front legs together. The head tilting is actually an esophageal stretch as the Mantoid prepares to eat something wider than its throat. What looks like leg rubbing is actually the systematic sharpening of a thousand tiny razors, preparing them to cut through flesh like butter.

The Mantoid adds another Neutral Sniper which can be added to any team. It also is able to Snare flying enemies which means it will always hit them and they will lose the benefits of the Flying ability.


The large, floating eyeball monster known as Cornealus has strange magical powers and can see anything for miles in any direction. No one knows from whence it came.

Cornealus is the second 10 mana cost Untamed Legendary Monster to be revealed and we expect he will not disappoint. He has a nice Ranged attack and high health, but he can also heal himself and he punishes every type of attack that hits him between the Thorns, Return Fire, and Magic Reflect abilities. He will likely fit nicely in the last position in many high mana cap battles.

Scale Doctor

Scale afflictions are especially difficult to treat, so the Gloridax doctors must be skilled at treating all types of monsters, up to and including Dragons. Healing a sick Dragon is often a lost cause, and Scale Doctors are frequently put to death for failure in saving a Dragon’s life.

Finally we have the first Untamed Dragon Splinter card to be revealed, the Legendary Scale Doctor! He Strengthens the friendly team giving them increased health, heals back-line monsters with the Triage ability, reduces enemy Armor with the Rust ability, and even fixes friendly monsters' Armor with the Repair ability.

He still manages to fit in a small Ranged attack and decent Health on top of all that making him a great support card for many Dragon Splinter teams.

Special thanks to @carrieallen and @chrisroberts for designing all of the new Untamed cards and the associated lore!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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2 Christmas days in one month!

All this Affliction happening. My Flesh Golems are itching for some Earth Cleanse.

Tomorrow is going to be like Christmas morning!

This is how I feel too!

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this is gonna be awesome !!!!

@steemmonsters have you thought of adding an entirely new splinter?

After looking at the cards, possibly one that revolves around Electricity (called Thunder/Lightning) or a splinter that is more outside of the world/ extraterrestrial (could be called Lunar splinter).

This might be interesting to include in future releases of decks and make the game more diverse and challenging.

Very cool graphics! Look @carlgnash they made a card after you!

Ha! So they have! The eyeball approves :)

Haha, and you are so wanted! lol everyone wants that card!

Wow, this is a lot to take in. Good call on the 2.30 minutes, will you lower it again after the next season? With all of these new cards so many new combos will be possible, definitely making this an even more skill based game. I also like the fact that you guys upped and lowered the mana range, it will increase variety a lot. It will also add the need for those high and low new mana cards, which is good for sales :). The saga continues! I can't wait till tomorrow!

So amazing, I just few hours to have those cards

very nice

This is awesome and a very special thanks to the designers and to the writer.A huge well done to Aggy and Yaba, you guys are the bomb for consistently working hard to make game interesting and easy for us all.Thanks all and God bless you


Powerful cards are coming on the battle board.
The battles intensity will reach higher level, we expect shift in the rank.
Happy Splinterlands tournament.

Woot I’m so excited.

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And here's the translation in German at the time being

Note from the translator: That's a lot of cards! It doesn't look like there's too much enthusiasm for all the translations I've done over the last few days. I will therefore save some work and skip the lore texts there. If the expected rewards for part 2 to 5 are clearly aligned to the first one, I might add the omitted passages before the 7 days are up there. Now to the cards!

Heres the last analysis before the big opening! Im a freaking cute link, touch me please?

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I wish I will get the Child of the forest and Cornealus.

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You have truly outdone yourselves here. Worth all the wait so far.
Just make sure we ca easily pick the 0 mana Chicken :)

Nice cards, really.

Final season and launch of the new Untamed Pack with genil cards and an exciting design ... What a way to close the month of November and start the month of Christmas. Wow wow, I'm already counting the minutes in reverse ... GO, Go, go, goo!

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Cant wait! For me the earth and fire monsters seem too be the best cards. The worst one is the undead monsters, the cornealus is going be a must have!

I can FEEL the POWER and GOLD Monsters are in my FUTURE !!

@steemmonsters, I've opened my Untamed Packs and really happy with the results.

Really excited for the Untamed Journey and in a way Splinterlands bringing daily celebration moments.

Keep up the awesome work team and stay blessed.

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Wow, all these new untamed cards look fantastic, great job and shout out to @chrisroberts and @carrieallen , you guys ROCK!! cant wait to start building up my team with them, very exciting times on Splinterlands indeed!! 👹👹👹❤

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