Khymeria Still Stands

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Neb Seni awoke with a banging at the door. He knew that they would be asking again for the help. These Khymerians know the plan and yet they wake me like this every day. I wonder who they will send today. He opened the door and was surprised. Long blonde hair flowed out of the helmet of this night. She had an aura around here that made him feel stronger. She spoke.

“The forces of the blight are attacking again from the east with langer numbers. I have been sent to ask for you to dispatch some dragons. Will you?

“Are the forces the same small units and just more of them?”

The knight hesitated but spoke the truth. “Yes, they are the same small units.”

“I have told the Peakrider himself that I will not be summoning any large dragons until the major attack comes. The whelping I have given you should be enough”

The Knight handed him a note and turned and walked away. Neb was not going to let them push him. These Knights think that with a few bigger dragons they might win this war alone. If that was true the Dragon clan wouldn’t have returned. Many of his clan had hoped to wait and then defeat the blight when the clans had been defeated. Yet in the end, Daria had convinced them they could not wait. She should be ready now. It is about time I set the trap. He read the letter. It was time to talk to them.


Peakrider was on his mount. Looking over the battlefield when the message came. Once again he sends weaklings. I am beginning to wonder if he can really summon a dragon. He had felt a power in that man but wasn’t sure. He sent his normal group of troops to push back the blight. Their armor and healing had always been able to help them push the blight back. Yet still, the rot that grew in the land was growing. The frontlines kept moving back even with them winning all the battles. Soon our kingdom will be dead even if we never lose a fight. We have to do something different. Then he saw the flare from the command tent. Tyrus wanted to talk. He rode back to the tent and entered in time to see Neb Sani standing with him.

“Our units are fighting right now and the two of you want to talk?”

Tyrus started to speak after glaring at Peakrider.

“We have received a message from the Alliance army that is in the Burning Lands. They are marching this way. They are ready for us to draw out the enemy.”

Neb Sani spoke.

“Yes, it turns out you will get to have some reinforcements today. We will strike at the blight with a major attack driving them back and letting them know I am here. Then we will fall back and wait.”

Peakrider had been waiting for weeks for this day to come. He had doubted that the Alliance would form with the other clans. Yet he had heard the news after they won a major battle in the burning lands. Four of the clans now worked together there. He wasn’t sure how long this peace could last but for now, the Silvershield warriors would use it.

“Okay, so what is the plan, Neb Sani?

“I will join you on the front line. Once I look over the battlefield I will summon all the major dragons I can. They will lead the charge and your men will support. If you are ready we can go now.”

Peakrider agreed and they headed back to the front. He had been waiting for a chance to attack the blight. If today went as Neb Sani said they would crush the blight to draw out a stronger attack. Then the Alliance would step in to defeat them. They reached the ledge above the front lines. He could see his nights and peace bringers in battle. He relayed the orders to form up on the dragons and waited for Neb to start.


Neb Sani looked over the battlefield. This wouldn’t take as much as he would bring today. But he needed the blight to notice. He reached deep into his soul and started to summon. The Chromatic Dragon appeared first. Followed by the Lighting and Golden dragon. He also summoned the manticore and Black Dragon for this battle. He would save the Reds for the next battle. He looked over at Peakrider and was happy to see that mighty man look impressed.

“Charge my Dragons destroy the Blight.”

Peakrider watched as the Dragons move towards the front line. It was amazing to see these beasts attack the front. They hit it and didn’t stop. Fire and smoke field the air as dragon fire burned away the blight. Peakrider was amazed at the power. He charged into battle leading his men deep into the blights line.

The Chromatic Dragon was an amazing fighter. Its speed and power helped them push past the front. The Golden and Black Dragons roamed the air-breathing down dragon fire on their foes. With the Manticore there they killed the first wave of troops like it was nothing. It was working just as planned. His men had started to cheer as they pushed further into the blight. Peakrider felt a lot of joy watching his men but then horror gripped them.

Neb had been watching the battle from the back. It was going as he thought when he felt something very strange. It was a power like his own. Yet there was a darkness to it. He looked out at the field again and saw something he didn’t believe. His Chromatic Dragon fell to the floor. There on the battlefield was a giant, unlike anything they had seen before. He didn’t have time to wait. He had to summoner the others. He started right away. Hoping he could bring them forward in time.

Peakrider sounded the retreat. That giant was unstoppable and he wasn’t alone. New stronger troops of the blight had shown up. He watched as the brave dragon fell along with many of his knights. It was time to regroup. He had to lead them back towards the castle when he saw the Red Dragons Flying overhead. He didn’t stop to see the battle until most of his men had made it back to the castle. He was shocked to see the dragons hurling magic fire and attacking right away with giant blades. Could they be battle mages?


Neb Sani was down on his knees. That was the last of his power. These dragons would have to do the trick. He watched as the two Reds Flew in to engage the giant. The black Dragon and lighting also engaged it. The giant of the blight was strong. This was not something they expected and Neb was worried a little. He watched the Black Dragon died to a brutal blow. he wasn't sure his dragons could do this alone. Then he saw something amazing. As the Chromatic dragon came back to life and landed a strong attack on the giant. Neb could feel the presence of the Tyrus and the Angel of light.


“Not going as easy as you planned new friend,” Tyrus said as he lifted Neb to his feet. “I thought your dragons could use a little divine help.”

With the Angels joining the battle, the tide turned again. Tyrus had come in and protected all the men. He was stronger than he looked. He proved that time and again to Peakrider. It was amazing this to watch as the dragons overwhelmed the giant. The blight was pushed back and ever one of them they could find was killed. It felt like a great victory.

The soldiers cheer and jumped for joy. As they watched the summon dragons disappear into the night. It had been a great battle but they had won.


Peakrider sat around the table with the others. They had sent the message to the Alliance army that they had set the trap. He was getting ready to get some rest when the alarm bells rang. Incoming attack? He wondered how that could be possible they blight had been destroyed. He got on his mount and rode to the walls to the lookout. He didn’t believe his eyes. There were more of them. The one giant had taken so much to defeat and he saw at least five in the distance heading towards the Kingdom. That Alliance army needs to get here soon are we will be in trouble. Tryus and Neb joined him on the wall.

“We work together from the start this time. We will need to distract a few of them while we engage one to kill. We have to hold his kingdom. Are you ready?”

He saw Neb and Tryus nod as they began to summon. He saw his armorsmiths and simple warriors ran to his side. This battle my decide the fate of our kingdom. It isn’t time to hold anything back. He summoned the Sacred Unicorns to join the fight.

“We hold the line. For we are the slivershelids that protect the night. We will hold the line.”

With that, the first small blight units hit the fist lines of his men. It was going to be a long night. Yet a smile came to Peakrider's face. He was ready to show them more of what he could do. He wouldn’t fall tonight.


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