Splinterlands: AMA Review plus 300 DEC Daily Giveaways #388

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Whats going on folks? I hope you brought your pen and notepad because I will be covering a lot of information on the future of @splinterlands. I will try to sum up the most recent AMA. First, lets announce yesterday winner and today's giveaway. Now lets jump into it like a raging berserk!

Yesterdays Winner of 250 DEC

@marconisnghtmr It been a while since our last first time winner but here we go. Congrats buddy, DEC already sent.

Yesterdays Runner-up Winner of 50 DEC

@yewhos winner if you didn't noticed I used your answer in today's answers
a raging berserk!

Today's Giveaway

Comment what you are looking forward to most, guild wars, land sales, or boss battles.

AMA in Review

  1. Land sale was the first big news and what we learned is that the pre-sale will be priced at 50% off at $10 but if you pay with DEC you will get the DEC 1000 to $1 rate which will bring each plot down to $5. buying in bulk of 20 or 100 Will increase the discount. There will be different types of land and each will have a thing to farm. The land edition will create a new and more healthy market. The plots of lands will be unique NFTs.
  2. Guilds Wars was next and it will be interacting with land. Guild wars will be optional and a three day process. Day one is planning, day two is battling and day three is getting paid. This will not be a guild vs guild system but instead a level based system that will battle a bunch of different guilds at the same time. Winning will earn you some guild faction points that will give you the ability to build parts of your guild and will also integrate land by giving land special perks.
  3. Tournaments are gearing up to allow more variety of new token for the tournament prize pools including EOS and erc-20s.

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Definitely land sales - time to stack those DEC earnings.

im a small player, i needs to invest all my DEC into new cards, so thats why i hope to win here to get closer to my first DICE pack !

A higher price at DEC

Just keep stacking your DEC and stop buying cards with it

Just sold. Bought SPI.
No more cards here.

Land sales for sure, people are going nuts over what decentealand are doing so I can only imagine what splinterlands can do with no gas fees it’s sure to be a winner

Nothing specific. Seems like the game demands more investment rather than skill to grow now.

The guild wars remind me of the clan wars in clash of clans. Too many things changing at a time.

Getting a lot more complicated, time consuming and invest demanding. While rewards... well, no further comments

Thanks for the AMA review. Did they say whether the land plots will be limited?

yes they will

Land Sales. Really excited about what that will bring to the game. Guild wars and boss battles are honestly really exciting too though.

Guild war looks very interesting

Wow. This game is evolving pretty quick. I just started about 2 weeks ago and already loving this game. New content always on the making. The best thing here is the community.

Soon there will be too many cards to figure out which to use in battles. They need to stop making cards. I may buy some land.

Land sales!

Guild wars seems really interesting. I should probably join one.

Boss Battles or Guild Wars.
Or some other new game mode.

to play and fight: boss battles
to invest: land sale
i still have no idea how the land sale should work and what advantages i have from it.

i think i'm most looking forward to boss battles. anything i can do to play more is going to be awesome. guild wars sound cool, too.

i'll be honest, i don't fully understand what land will do other than suck up dec/money and complicate the game. but i'm sure i'll adapt. i know a lot of players are excited, so it must be cool.

big thx for the Runner-up and nice line usage ;)
i'm most definetly hyped about the upcoming lands !!! saving DEC like crazy to get a nice slice out of the cake :) can't w8 to see these updates coming out. Oh yea and boss battles also sound very very promising but lest see how these updates play out

I am looking forward to boss battles. reason being that it will require strategies haha.

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Guild wars.

Boss Battles