Splinterlands: Tips 250 DEC daily give away #277(NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW Required)

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Just like everyday its Purple rock give away day, Who wants some? If you do simply follow the comment instructions below. Today I also have a solid tip for winning one of the new rule sets. Yesterday's winner of 250 DEC was @sayee, congrtas my friend. Go give a follow and some love, Dec already sent.

Today's Giveaway
*Comment weather you are a city folk or a county folk(County all the way as long as there is internet)

Today's Tip- Unequal Equalizer
Today's tip will focus on the new rule set Equalizer, this give all cards the same health as the card with the highest health on either team. There is three things to take into concentration.

*First would be a high damage low heath card what will become a high damage high health card. Imagine giving this card 12 Health, game over.

*Next will be High shield card with low health, this will make certain cards unmatchable in defense. 6 shield, 12 health, and thrones, ouch.

*The last will be ability specifically but not limited to scavenger, shield, and life leach. How high could your health get starting from 12 and gaining a plus 2 health every round

There are so many options and I'm not giving you all the answers but instead getting the wheels turning in your head.

That is all for today folks, see you tomorrow.


Both. Lived in both and like them both.

county with periodic visits to the city.

county to live and city to play

Never though of enchanted defender. That's a super awesome card for this ruleset.
I prefer the county closest to the city.

I live in the city but would love to live in the country.

County but sometimes city

I'm a suburban folk.

City folk alll the way!

City! Right now Room 😜

Love the city way too much to leave it.

I'm a city folk and sometimes visits County.

city ! 😅