Steem Monsters: 241 DEC Daily Give Away #241 (NO UP-VOTE, RE-STEEM , or FOLLOW )

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I hope all of you got lucky with the airdrop because she looks like a beast of a card.Yesterdays winner was @blog-beginner, congrats my friend. Go give him a follow and some love. Alright now lets give away some more DEC.

Today's Give Away
*Comment what you would do if you had the financial freedom not to work(I would do a deep dive in to Taoism and travel too).


That is all for today my friends, see you tomorrow for more DEC giveaways.


I would play Splinterlands all day and make my girlfriend cook for me... wait I do that now. 🤣🤣🤣

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Travel the world 🌍

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Play music and medicate

Travel the world, and volunteering at wildlife rehab centers.

I would still work, I love my job as a Special Education Teacher!

Definitely travel a lot.

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Travelling, but working as a freelancer on a project every now and then while doing that

Travel & spend time with family

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Home school my kids.

I would quit my job ;)

Travel, travel, travel! <3