Constest Kings - Silver Tourney

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to say that the nice people of the @contestkings community are organising a silver level no legendary summoners tourney in about 3 hours. The good news is they gave me some tokens to get you a FREE 1CK entry to this tourney (normally around 3 Steem to enter). The only thing you have to do is comment on this post and say: Hell yeah, I will win this tourney!

Screenshot 20190825 at 13.08.18.png

I have known this community from the very start and even created quite a few no upvote - no follow give-aways, but at the moment I don't have the time to organise them, although that might change in the future. Anyway, they absolutely love the game and promote it in all sorts of ways and now they created the CK token on steem-engine, where by staking them you get ticket(s) to their lottery system every two weeks (the more you stake, the more tickets you get) and the prizes are pretty sweet (ranging from real silver to orbs, a 1000 SP delegation for a month and other tokens like BATTLE).

Click on the link to see the results of their first raffle and after reading this I will probably stake some myself :)

All the best and see out on the battlefield, I will be joining as well.

And in the spirit of giving things away I will be handing out a beta common card of your liking to everyone who entered the tourney through me and read all the way till the end of this post and put an emoji behind 'Hell yeah, I will win this tourney!'.

Good Luck!

And cheers!



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I think I think I might need to choose sleep instead of winning :/

Good luck to the participants 👍

Sleep is for the weak. :P


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Hell yeah, I will win this tourney!

You're off to a great start, with a fantastic win. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament.

Hell yeah, I will win this tourney! And thank you for helping more people out!

I love this game, so that's no biggie ;)

Thanks for your post and spreading the news of our tournament!

@pacolimited, @jacekw, @anouk.nox, @scooter77, @byzantinist, @simplymike, @khan.dayyanz
comment with your favourite beta common (I am out of neutrals) and might be out of some others if you decide to go for the same one ;). First comment, first served.

Thanks, her eis my priority list.
Flesh Golem,
Crustacean king,
divine healer.

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Cool, thank you :) and I realized when starting the tourney I may have moved too much cards lol. So I didn't have a shot against you lol..

I will just throw a few names, so you can decide: flesh golem, feral spirit, skeleton assasin

:) thanks again!

Yeah, I thought something like that must have happened

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I should have played some games after moving all these cards to get used to not having them in the deck lol.. too bad, but thanks anyway for the token :)

Thanks for the feral spirit :)

I will evoke the spirit of @mattclarke and choose Flesh Golem as well. If not available, I will be soooo crabby that I will have to get a Crustacean King.

Surprise me! Thanks

Hell Yea, I'll win this one. :D

Good luck everyone, I hope to see you in the CK Tournament tonight!

Nice work @toocurious 😉

Hell yeah, I will win this tourney! 😃😃

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Hell yeah, I will win this tourney!

I'll go buy 1 more CK to participate with my 2 accounts.

Edited: The tag for SteemAce is #steemace no GG


oops, steem-engine said there was an error, but now I sent two to you, could you please send one back ;)



Hell yeah, I will win this tourney! :joy:

Very cool! I missed yesterday's tourney, but won't miss this one.

Hell yeah, I will win this tourney!

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Hell yeah, I will win this tourney! :D

Hell yeah, I will win this tourney! :emoji: :-P

That’s pretty cool, good luck to everyone! They’re probably the biggest fans of the game!

Hell yeah, I will win this tourney! :-p

Btw I'm using my main account for SM (anouk.nox)

Hell yeah, I will win this tourney! 😎

Cool! Too bad I'm a Bronze 1 Scrub!

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