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Hello everyone, Today I want to share with you a promoting tool of facebook to put your awesome artworks or creations on instagram about Splinterlands.

The new Untamed card series are so amazing, so I decide to use some of them to show the wonderfull world of splinterlands in the most used social media plataforms.

This is the Creator Studio of facebook, you can share any of your photos or art creations as you like, even can schedule them is you want.


You can use the facebook page or intagram as you like, create IGTV or Feed post.

I decide to create a schedule promo pictures about 6 rare card and 1 legendary card ( I can´t find a monster untamed dragon card,maybe there is one at the upcomming airdrops, so unlock the next character.)

Here is the promo, I also use twitter because many crypto and blockchain gaming lovers are around there.


The Gloridax Magus is the Legendary Card of this selection, the best use of this card is when the snipe rule is on, blast is the best ability for this magic card and also include shatter, knot out and blind (of course is a magus).


Shieldbearer is a great combination of life and shield, the crazy combination of taunt,shield and return fire can make difficult defeat this card, son many monster will able to attack him (lol), the best use of this card is when the armored up rule is on using a repair monster can make so stronger against melee and range attack monsters.


Serpent of elf is the power of the sea for water element, this monster is capable to evade melee attack and if a range monster attacks him will return the attack, the poison ability can hurt a lot ,of course is a serpent, (the best use of this monster is when close range is on, can destroy many range attack monsters).


Unicorn Mustang is a strong melee monster with magic reflect and piercing, so magic monsters and monster with shield be careful, the most interesting fact of this card is the life, thirteen points of life (the best use of this card is when a melee attack monsters can attack from any position, also is a great magic shield).


Elven Mystic is a neutral monster with mystical powers, can make affliction and silence monsters, this card is for tactical use for water summoner and dragon summoners with one plus magic buff.


Bone Golem, is a melee attack death monster with repair ability.This card can restore their bones (lol), no magic attacks can affect him, I love the crazy design of this card. (the best use is when reverse speed ability is on).


Spark Pixies are the fire fly card with interesting and a great strategy, with seven points of speed and dodge ability this card is the evading monster ever, also stun while is flying(the best use of this card is when the earthquake rule is on, can evade almost every attack).

All this cards will be appearing in my Instagram account during a day.

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