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If you're in the Southern Waste of Mortis, whatever you do, don't wander into the Crypt Mancer's realm. He requires dead subjects for his experiments, but he'll help you get there.

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Splinter - Mortis

Class - Legendary Summoner

Size - 48 Chickens

Lifespan - If the physical flesh of the ancient Dark Sorcerer known as Crypt Mancer ever dies, his spirit will simply find a new host in one of the Dark Eternals. Crypt Mancer is older than the Dark Eternal collective, remembering the Lord of Darkness from his living existence.

Habitat - In the Southern Wastes of Mortis, between the Tar Pits of Creation and the Dark Eternal city of Utopin, there sits a frightful and jagged tower of black marble. It is in this tower that Crypt Mancer resides, always experimenting with his dark arts and hoarding Dark Energy for himself. He is rarely bothered by the Dark Eternal Collective; the Lord of Darkness is always wary of Crypt Mancer’s power.

Weapon - Crypt Mancer is a creature of pure spirit who inhabits host bodies. He currently resides in the darkly twisted body of a once-Human orphan of Beluroc. Long ago, this unfortunate Human boy wandered through the gates of the Dark Tower and took up the enchanted Staff of the Crypt Mancer. It is through the Staff that Crypt Mancer exerts power and control over this realm. If the Staff were ever lost or broken, the spirit of Crypt Mancer would be doomed to wander for evermore, never again inhabiting a host body.

Diet - Crypt Mancer collects the dead. Anyone who dares wander close enough to the Dark Tower can always spot bodies being dragged through its gates by enlisted Dark Animals. It is unknown whether the Necromancer actually eats the dead, but it is certain that whatever goes in never comes out again. The High Council of Wizards are concerned that Crypt Mancer has discovered one of the forbidden secrets of Dark Energy.

Allies - The Necromancer has no living allies. Anyone he once considered “friend” is long dead and rotten. Because is his sheer magical power, he is tolerated by the Dark Eternals, but he is by no means one of their Collective. The Gloridax also allow him to summon at the Mount Mox tournaments because he is surprisingly well-mannered and always puts on a fantastic show.

Enemies - Crypt Mancer despises and fears the Spirit of the Forest; he would give anything to find the secret location of the Eldest Tree. She creates life and growth, the truest enemies of Crypt Mancer. In many of the historical conflicts between Mortis and Anumun, the Necromancer was lurking quietly behind the scenes, fanning the flames of aggression in any way he could. He would also like to obliterate Khymians from the face of the Planet, but he remains patient as long as they do not represent a threat to his experimentation.

Pastimes - It is unknown how Crypto Mancer spends his endless time in the Tower, but there are several theories. The most widespread of these is that he has become obsessed with harvesting power from the dead. Not many commoners in the Splinterlands are familiar with the phrase “Dark Energy,” but the High Council of Wizards keeps close tabs on the endeavors of the Necromancer.


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