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Elves are small, but live long lives
They sneak without a sound
To stick you with their pointy knives
There's one behind you now.

-from the Seedling Rhymes

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Elven Cutthroat

Splinter - Anumün

Class - Assassin

Size - 23 Chickens

Lifespan - Elves naturally live extremely long lives, especially compared to Khymians, Humans or Naga. Living through peaceful times, an Elf can live for nearly five hundred years, keeping its youthful appearance all the while. Sadly, peaceful times are rare; most Elves perish at the hands of an enemy before their natural end.

Weapon - From early ages, Elves are experts of blades. Being small compared to most creatures in the Splinterlands, they teach their young to conceal knives anywhere they can be concealed. An Elf in the wild will never be caught without at least several knives. They hand over dummy knives to the Dragonsguard at the gates to the Mount Mox Arena, holding on to the dozens more concealed in various places around their tiny bodies. They can sneak up on anything, even a Cornealus, a flying eyeball monster that can literally see everything within a mile.

Habitat - The Elves of Anumün do not have a permanent settlement anywhere in the Splinterlands, but they can mostly be found in small camps throughout the Eastern Wood, where they can drink from the River of Power. Some of the most daring Elves have expanded south into Goblin territory, and even further south into the Giant Grasslands of Primordia. With the recent overcrowding of the Eastern Wood, the Elves have set their sights on migration. They are always seeking a new place for their people.

Diet - Luckily for all the little creatures, the Elves are herbivores. All the knives they carry are merely for defense. Since they drink from the River of Power, they require even less food. Most Elves can go for weeks without eating while still performing at optimal levels.

Allies - Although they live on the other side of the mountains, Elves have allied themselves with the Humans of the Lyverian Kingdom. Lyveria has been assisting them in their efforts to build boats, and the Lyverian Guard has used the Elves to do some light spying on the city of Gobson. Elves and Humans seem to have a mutually beneficial relationship… so far.

Enemies - Elves and Goblins do not get along. Usually it’s the Goblin who starts the trouble, but the Elf is always eager for the fight. Over the years, the two races have developed a precarious semblance of peace, which simply means that neither will completely destroy the other. Gobson Goblins have no desire to live in the Eastern Wood, but with the Elves’ recent expansion into the South, there may soon be trouble again. Hundreds of years ago, in the Sack of Taliti, Goblins were ousted from their great southern fortress in one of the largest battles the Splinterlands had ever seen. Now, both races are long gone from the Primordic Grasslands, of which the Dinosaurs have taken full control.

Pastimes - The preferred pastime of any Elf is always to relax and listen to the wind, but unfortunately they have responsibilities. For hundreds of years, the Elves have been seeking a home for their people, a place where they can relax for generations to come. These days, most of their time is spent collecting resources and building their small boats near the deadly waters of the Primordic Sea. It’s a dangerous and challenging activity, and the small-framed Elves were not made for such toil. They like to play games and tell jokes, and they love climbing trees.


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Greetings, grand @chrisroberts.

I like a lot this monters. It helps to kill some cards from behind easier

But, we have to take care with spined back turtle hehehe

thank you and have a nice day!

I also love using the Elven Cutthroat in battle. :) But only when I have Inspire on my team. She needs that +1 melee attack. Too bad she costs so much on the market, I'd love to have her maxed out.

Yep, Thorns in the back has become a must for winners ;)

There's one behind you now.

<<<< Slowly turns head .....

Keep up the great profile posts.

#battle #palnet #sct #spt

Nice information gathered about Elves.

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