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“Hardened thorax, bowels of fire,
scurried from the molten mire,
Fire Beetle, burning bright,
take the darkness from the night.”

-from the Seedling Rhymes

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Splinter - The Burning Lands

Class - Range Attack

lifespan - Unless it is destroyed in battle or wanders into a body of water, a Fire Beetle can live for centuries, maybe more. They grow steadily larger each splintral year they are alive; a Fire Beetle as large as a barn has undoubtedly been scurrying around for hundreds of years.

Weapon - The Fire Beetle’s arsenal is built into its anatomy. From a well-protected area on its belly, called its nape, the Fire Beetle can discharge a highly explosive liquid called nape juice at high range. In close combat, the Beetle has pincers and teeth that can tear a bunglo to ribbons. Some older Fire Beetles discover the ability to breathe fire, which is never good for the towns nearby. Sometimes, Fire Beetles can surprise you with weapons you didn’t even know they had, like Acid Spew. They have even been known to sometimes use magic, causing their victim to combust from the inside. The thick and hardened shell of the Beetle is difficult to penetrate with any conventional weapon.

Size - Size depends entirely on the age of the Fire Beetle. A newborn Fire Beetle can be as small as one hundredth of a chicken, but the famous Granddaddy Fire Beetle is easily as big as thousands of chickens.
Habitat - A Fire Beetle’s life always begins in the heart of Molten Mountain, but once the Beetle emerges into the open air, it can go wherever it likes. Fire Beetles are incredibly resilient, but if they wander into a body of water, it’s all over for them.

Diet - For their immense size, Fire Beetles need surprisingly little food. The intense flame that burns within their thorax is thought to be connected to the Flame of Everlast itself. That would explain the Beetle’s incredible speed and power. The largest Fire Beetles, on the other hand, need to eat a lot to sustain their huge mass, and they like meat.

Allies - Fire Beetles have a special affinity for all creatures of Fire. They approach with friendly curiosity, often attempting to affectionately rub against any source of heat.

Enemies - Fire Beetle defenses are triggered by loud noises. Anything that makes a commotion while it travels should be wary of Fire Beetle attacks.

Pastimes - Fire Beetles can be found on the hottest days in the Burning Lands laying upside down on steaming rocks. They are not dead. They are merely sunning their underbellies while drawing volcanic heat from the planet’s core.


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Nicely done, it was interesting reading the Fire Beetle's background information.