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He's the Biggest... He's the Darkest...

He's the Undeadest and the Deadliest...

The One, the Only...

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Black Dragon!

Splinter - Mortis

Class - Undead Dragon

Size - 2750 Chickens

Lifespan - The Black Dragon, Korjack, already had lived a lifetime of more than a thousand years even before his Dragon soul was reborn as a Dark Eternal. Toward the end of his life, Korjack was afflicted with a rare disease that affected his decision-making. The Lord of Darkness came personally to the Draykh-Nahka Sands to recruit the Dragon to the dark. Against all odds, the Dark Lord was successful in enlisting the first ever Dark Eternal Dragon.

Habitat - The Black Dragon dwells inside a massive hole outside the Dark Eternal city of Utopin. Korjack’s cave home is furnished by the Lord of Darkness himself, who responds to even the Dragon’s silliest demands. The Dragon enjoys peering at his reflection, so dark troops confiscated all mirrors from the Lyverian province of Beluroc and used them to line the walls of his cave. Call it territorialism if you like, but Korjack does not take guests in his home.

Weapon - As any Dragon, Korjack the Black has a tough and strong frame. He is larger than any Dragon currently living, and a swing of his tail or a flap of his razor-sharp wings are enough to destroy most monsters in the Splinterlands. But the Black Dragon is a Sorcerer to the core; he always prefers magic attacks. Korjack’s magic is difficult to describe and entirely unique among Dark Eternal Sorcery. Some who have faced him in battle have said that while under his Mirror spell they were “shown the evil within themselves.”

Diet - Dragons always need to eat, and while Korjack is the only undead exception to that rule, he still eats from habit. This is a great expense for the Lord of Darkness, who must ship in expensive living goats and bronks to be paraded to needless slaughter in the Black Dragon’s cave. Every time the animals are marched down the hole into the dark cave, Undead Archers gather on the Utopin walls to cackle and laugh at them in a bizarre ritual that the Lord of Darkness only allows because it improves teamwork.

Allies - When he signed the Dark Contract before his death, Korjack made a special and secret pact with the Lord of Darkness. Many in the collective would give anything to know the details of their arrangement, but they are thick as thieves. The Black Dragon is allowed to do as he pleases. He is never subject to the same rigid and choiceless life as a common Dark Eternal.

Enemies - The Black Dragon walks a delicate line between his new nature as a Dark Eternal and his original and ongoing allegiance to the Fire Blood. The United Gloridax under the leadership of the Naga heretic, Suam Khepri, have declared Korjack an enemy of the state, but the Dragons still welcomed him to their recent Congress. When he was reborn, Corjack gained all the enemies of the Dark Eternals, while maintaining his Dragon enemies. Now, his list of enemies is longer than a Belurocian Leech Snake.

Pastimes - The Black Dragon is permitted to use his time as he pleases. Since no one who goes into his cave ever comes out again, little is known about the specifics of his day-to-day activities. Presumably, he spends most of his time reading and practicing new forms of Sorcery. He is always happy to be called to tournament battle, where he can test his collection of cruel and unusual spells on the living.

Do you have any brilliant ideas for Korjack's spells, now that you know a little about where he's coming from? Let me know in the comments!


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This is the undervalued dragon. I think if we can combine it with other strengthen ability, the deck will be unbeatable.

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I'm going to have to take a day or two to read some of these profiles you did as I'm certain I missed one or two. Keep up the great work !

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