Belated Bday to Me, SM Overview, Untamed Jahm Profits, and Monster Dividends

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Well that was quite the lively week. For starters, steemfest was in full swing(will have to browse that tag to stay updated.), on top of that I had exam on Friday, as well as my bday that was adequately celebrated later on. It was dope. At least the parts I remember were.😂

I do remember some munching, some 2 left footed dancing, and apparently, I slapped someone. I'm as shocked as you are, and weirdly enough, he looks like my younger brother. Go figure. Anyways, moving on, back to DEC stackin!

SM Overview:

As you can probably already tell, I have slacked big time in my DEC pursuits. I actually didn't play from Friday morning until just a few hours ago. Rest assured though, I more than made it up to my monsters as they got to taste the battlefield for 2 straight hours non stop.

Even happier, are my Earth monsters who are ecstatic due to the fact that I may have just cracked a brand new formation that maximizes their liveliness, and their inclination towards battles of attrition. So much so in fact, that today's Earth quest went as smooth as my Death quests usually go.

Untamed Update:

On my journey towards buying at least 20 untamed packs before the pre-sale ends, I just purchased another pack. That purchase puts me at 14 packs, with still 19 days to go. Yup, looks like I'll be reaching my goal, I'll probably even end up surpassing it.

Belated Bday Splurge:

I just had a thought, if I were to buy an orb on my bday, would my stars align and hand me let's say, a legendary or even better, my very first golden legendary? Let's find out.

I probably should have done this Friday but oh well, better late than never. So yeah, here we go, my golden Beetle Queen to the furnace, and Tadaaa, my spoils!


Can't believe that actually worked. 😂 You know what, round 2! I'm out of DECs though, and I can't be burning all my cards now can I? So, time to take some profits and reinvest them into some crystals.


Although to my detriment I haven't participated on reggaesteem's in a while, I have been keeping my eye on it. It's one of the tribes I can see eventually taking over. Top 3 actually.

Over the last few weeks I have seen it's token do some insane numbers. It has more than tripled in value since then, and not to jinx it but it just seems unstoppable at this point.

As a hodler, it always hurts when such moves have to be made but, gotta do what you gotta do. Trigger pulled I sold 1279 Jahms for 64 steemps, then used used 58-60 steemps to buy 10k DECs.

And I got; 3 enchanted defenders, 1 goblin chief, and 1 undead archer....

Anyways, while I was still out shopping, I took that opportunity and bought one more untamed pack.

Monster Dividends:







Credit for the graphics goes to flauwy and the steemmonsters team.



More monsters sound like a good plan. Happy belated bday!

Gracias! Hey, wanna know a secret? I pulled another legendary some hours ago. Shhhh

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