I hope you haven't sinned today! | If you are a sinner you should read this post!

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I confess, I'm a sinner!

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I have sinned a lot lately. You know they say that the first step to recovery is to admit you have an addiction, I guess it works the same for sinners. I'm one of these Splinterlands players that has 3 tabs open on her screen almost constantly. Including but not limited to Steemmonsters, Splinterlands, Monstersmarket, Peakmonsters, Splintertalk. I use them all, I must be an addict as you can see.

My problem is not having these tabs open though

No, the problem is that I keep committing sins by buying cards and packs from the wrong market. Recently I wrote this post about MonsterMarket.io, as you can read, I'm a fan because of the instant cashback.

Do you see? I'm looking all high on money in that bitmoji! That's all thanks to MonsterMarket.io!!! Because of playing the game on the Splinterlands or Steemmonsters website, I also check my own card collection and then click on the cards for sale tab where I'm only a few clicks away from buying the card in there instead of first going to Monstermarket, then move funds to my alt (because that means even more cashback!) and buy it there. This is easily missed, and afterwards I realize that I have missed another opportunity of getting cashback. Damn it!

I blame @simplymike aka @monstermother for this!

She is the one that was sloppy from the beginning, mentioning every single sin she had committed. Every time she just had to bother us non-sinners with the information that she just had sinned, again!

Her repetitive sinning has spread a virus amongst our city! I was probably the first one to get infected by it, but I've heard rumours that the virus is spreading fast. This has got to end! Now! So at some point, it was decided that us sinners had to be protected.

Time to end all these sins

Thankfully, we have @reazuliqbal to help us stop the sinning. We didn't think he was serious about it at first, but within a day or so, he provided a browser extension to prevent us all from buying in another market. I mean, we can't just keep throwing away these free cashbacks, can we?

There's an extension to prevent you from sinning (buying in another market without getting your cashback). This is what it does: The addon replaces market account name to @sm-market in https://steemmonsters.com, https://splinterlands.io, and https://peakmonsters.com. Doing so, the user still receives the cashback MonsterMarket offers even if they forgot to use the https://monstermarket.io

Here's what you have to do to make sure you won't sin again. Install the Chrome browser extension here, this also works for Brave and Opera users btw, or install the Firefox browser extension if you use Firefox instead.

Good to know: You don't have to worry about using different accounts, the extension works with all of them, which I find very convenient myself. Whenever I'm about to buy in the Steemmonsters or Splinterlands market, this pop-up appears:

pop up sin.png

Let's all become smart angels, and use MonsterMarket from now on.

Disclaimer: This extension was developed as a joke after some of the MonsterMarket fans accidentally bought packs and / or cards in one of the other markets. It is in no way meant to speak bad about the other markets, as in the end, of course, we all love Splinterlands and use all frontends for different reasons.


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Hahaha, I'm the mother of the sin, lol

someone confessed 😁


Yes, and this is the way to recovery :)

she must repent 😉

You should change your account to that :)

Awesome, you sinner!

Guilty as charged!

I didn't quite get what this browser extension does. Is it a redirect or something like that?


Lol, it's in the post, didn't you read? @flauwy :)

Just kidding, thanks for pointing that out, as apparently I forgot to add that part in the post. I just edited the post. This is what it does:

The addon replaces market account name to @sm-market in https://steemmonsters.com, https://splinterlands.io and https://peakmonsters.com.

Doing so the users gets the cashback MonsterMarket offers even if they forgot to use the https://monstermarket.io

Ps Happy New Year!

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