Memorize this glorious day | Neoxian Quest lodge reached max level today!

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The moment all Splinterlands Warriors were waiting for: Maxing out our Quest lodge!

All Splinterlands warriors dedicate their time to complete the Daily Quests to make sure we could max out our guild as soon as possible. Previously, we donated all our hard-earned DEC after a day being knocked out in the arena so we could reach the max Guild hall as soon as possible:


After this was accomplished a while ago, we were now solely dedicated making sure our guild would reach Quest lodge level 10. All warriors were playing quests daily, unless critical emergencies occurred, of course. But overall it meant even when having high fevers or bleeding accidents, the warriors remained in the arena to not disappoint our guild members.

The result is, that today we finally reached our maxed Quest lodge level 10!


Great dedication from all our Splinterlands Warriors! Awesome job, everyone! We have shown the Splinterlands that there's a great team spirit in our Neoxian guild. No time to sit on our lazy bumps just yet, because if I understand this correctly when the current season will be reset, the quest lodge will be set back as well. But there's a sweet reward waiting for the big spenders out there, we earned 20% DEC bonus and 10% shop discount!!!

If you can't find me this weekend, I will probably be shopping for potions before the end of this season!



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congrats on the max guild. Curious what are the benefits for doing so? thanks!