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I have been investing in the Splinterlands game for some time now. My investment is usually slow and steady. I don't pool any of my fiats to the crypto world to invest in the game. The reason is that I have already brought so much of my fiats to the Steem blockchain. I feel that it is time to wait for me to get some returns from this platform. One good thing that I like about Splinterlands game is that all the purchases that we make in the game are mostly pegged with $ so the value is always constant.


If we make purchases when steem price is low, we will end up paying lots of steem for the items that we are trying to buy. At the same time, if we try to sell when the value of steem is low, we get good amount of steem for the sale. That's how it works as it is always bound to the $ value. Today I purchased a level 5 Malric Inferno card which is a Fire Summoner. I was looking forward to just purchase some Level 1 cards but ended up purchasing a Level 5 card because the price was really good and attractive.

I feel that this should be a good investment for me because even if it is not going to help so much in the battles, it is either going to give me some good value to the deck and if I plan to sell that in the future I can go for a better price as the card values are always appreciating. Of course, there are some new cards emerging in the market but for every monster card, summoner cards are important so the value of Summoner cards will always appreciate.


I used the Monster Market site to purchase the cards and received a 3% cashback for my purchase. I personally feel that this should be a good investment for me and I still have to purchase 19 more cards to make this summoner level 7 which is a long way to go because I'm not sure if I will be investing more on this Fire summoner again as I still have other summoners to focus on. But let's see.

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