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Today I spent some time playing the game and while playing the game, I was thinking about what would be the future of this game how the planning would be to make the game long-lasting. The first thing that came to my mind was the demand and supply, the usual market principle. I'm able to see that there are many new types of cards getting released now and then. At the same time, there are also changes in the supply of existing card types. Today some cards might be higher in circulation and some cards might become rare in circulation and based on that the price of the card in the market also varies.


I also noticed that just because a card is common, the price is not too low and just because the card is rare or epic or legendary the price is high in the market. So, for all the cards, when it comes to the market, it is purely based on the demand and supply principle. For example, if we take the neutral cards, the supply is very less and there is a high demand for this card in the market. This becomes one of the costliest categories of cards in the market as people think that the value might increase in the future. In a way, it is also true and is happening.

What happens when new cards are introduced?

First of all, when there are new cards the cards will be categorized based on what they can do. If the card has some special ability and is very powerful in the battles, it will automatically find its place in the market. Based on the demand and supply, there will be more demand if the card is valuable in the battle. Some cards are less in supply and at the same time, they also don't add any great values in the battle. Such cards are not liked by many people and might have less value in the market.

When new cards are introduced, people first plan to purchase the cards and then think about using those cards in the game. If the new cards add more value to the ranked matches, people will start purchasing more cards and upgrade it and this will also increase the price of the cards in the market. There is also a possibility that people purchase new cards from the market based on curiosity. They blindly invest in new cards and try to max it out. This is especially done by some high-level players. Later the upgraded card might even go to the market.


There is another advantage when there are too many cards in the deck. Each player gets only limited time to prepare for a battle by arranging the right card in the deck. If there are many options available to choose from, there will also be a nail-biting moment and confusion in choosing the right card. Most of the players will have their own preference of cards and whatever be the game or rule, they blindly choose their splinter and then load the cards based on their regular preferences. Only some people strategically plan their deck and choose the cards wisely.

If there are going to be more cards to choose from, then it can add to the confusion and the time given to us may not be enough to choose the right cards unless we have all the cards in our fingertips. With practice, we will be able to even foresee and decide which cards we can choose before even the battle starts. We will get that instinct as soon as we see the rule.


After the beta sale is over, there is a new sale going on where the team is now trying to introduce a new set of 70 cards in the month of November. The pre-sales are going on right now and many people have started investing so much to grab this opportunity. After the pre-sale is over, I believe there will be lots of cards to the investors increasing the number of cards circulating. This is very nice for the game and I feel it is going to add so much of value to the game.

Long-lasting game

So far, I really like the idea of the game. I personally feel that this can be one of the long-lasting games in the Steem world because of the proper planning as to how the game should be. The new releases are also in such a way that the game provides a long-lasting investment and fun for the players. Some players are also given the freedom to burn the cards if they would like to convert the cards to DEC. This also reduces the supply of the card creating a demand in the market. If not now this will add a great value to some of the rare cards in the market. Especially the neutral cards.

In my experience so far, I strongly believe that Splinterlands is a great investment opportunity for gamers. People who have not yet started playing the game also have enough room to start fresh. It is never too later. With good investment, the game can be even more fun and it also helps in giving the investment back to the investors. I would still recommend newbies to join the game and have fun. If you would like to start your journey in Splinterlands, you can take my referral.


Disclaimer: Please note, this is not a piece of investment advice or financial advice. Please do your own research before investing your money on digital items.

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Really cool write-up. I can't wait to see and play the new Untamed cards!