Brawl Changes: 3 Must Have Fire Reward Cards!



We will continue the series on the reward cards that I believe are key to the new brawl format. This article will be focused on the fire squad. There is no doubt these cards are game changing in certain rulesets especially in no magic rulesets. These are also cards that are uniquely powerful in bronze as two of them recieve extra abilities at level 3. Without further delay, let us get into the cards. Please use the following link if you would like to enjoy playing these great cards:

1. Ettin Spearman

Ettin Spearman.png

A high powered archer that is great in slow speed rulesets as well as being used as a sneak protector. Using this card with selenia sky, is a great combo as four range damage with piercing can really lay a smack on your opponent. Pairing this card with an ooze is important to take away the RNG of a miss with the slow speed in regular matchups naturally.

2. Fineas Rage

Fineas Rage.png

A speedy reach monster every team would like to have. The fineas rage is a great secondary tank against all attacks and deals good damage overall. Having this paired with a level 2 daria allows you to gain an extra melee attack at base and then an additional plus one melee with daria buff.

3. Exploding Dwarf

Exploding Dwarf.png

One of my favorite cards in the game is the exploding dwarf. Another piercing card that is imperative for an effective melee creature against tyrus and other shielding creatures. The blast is fantastic especially in equalizer rulesets and melee from any position battles. There is no doubt that fire gets a huge boost with the addition of this card as fire can really blast away from many different positions and can overpower your opponent with alric or daria.

dragon page breaker.png

Piercing is obviously an important ability for the fire team which is why two of these cards are so important. All of these cards are relatively affordable and helpful in the wild format for great ranked play as well. Please upvote or comment if you have any other fire reward cards that you find helpful and game changing.