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Hy friends, as always it’s so good to have you around today am grateful you stopped by today. Guys you are all welcome to my splinter land quest update report, thanks so much. How are you guys doing today, hope you are good at the moment. We give God the glory for a bright and wonderful day that he has made; we give him thanks because he deserved to be appreciated.

My quest for the day was the water splinter card which I used to complete my 5 games for the day, at first it looked as if it was going to be a difficult one to complete because my first opponent was a tough opponent but I was lucky to win the match.

My mood today was a different one and so it almost affected my game for the day, but I was able to conquer it and I won all my games for the day and still rumbled some more games afterwards. Here is a picture of one of my battle line and the result


Thanks so much for reading my post today I am grateful you read this. Until I come your way again tomorrow I want you to take good care of yourself and your loved ones at all times. Continue to stay safe at all times, and don’t forget to help those who need assistant help them the little way you can. Bye for now.