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Are we ready for a fantastic new decade?

May the road rise to meet you, may your FOMO be assuaged and may all your battles be Splinterlands.

I have been away from the Monster Profies for some time, working every day on super secret stuff that will blow you away. Now I will be back on them until they are complete. If I don't make a big push to get this huge project done, I'm likely to continue to get buried in new cards!

Anyway, I know some of you are aching to see some Untamed profiles, so let's start with everybody's favorite Giant...

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Splinter - Burning Lands

Set - Untamed

Class - Legendary Tank

Habitat - Magnor lives deep in the caves of the Moten Mountains, in the burning heart of the Fire Splinter. There, he single handedly maintains the intricate flows of lava which provide power and air to the countless numbers living in the underground realms of the Burning Lands. He does not take visitors in his home, but it must be a massive cave to comfortably fit someone of Magnor’s size.

Size - 300 Chickens. Magnor is one of the few living descendents of the Giants that used to roam the open lands, long before the Splintering. The last of them were destroyed in the infamous Battle of Jorad when Magnor was merely a child. The Titans and Giants were both almost completely destroyed at Jorad but the Titan horde was not willing to kill the children, so Magnor and several of his cousins were left alive.

Lifespan - Some of the Giants of old were said to live for up to a millenium. Magnor has walked for nearly four hundred years, and there is no questioning that he is in his physical prime, so if he can stay alive, he may prove one of the oldest Giants ever.

Weapon - Sometimes Magnor makes use of a huge Spear that he calls Roz. Roz has been with him for nearly two hundred years, and the blood of countless foes has christened her knotholes. Though he does not require it in battle, Magnor has a great emotional connection with this weapon. He speaks intimately with Roz when he is alone, and he swears she answers back.

Diet - Like any Giant, Magnor must eat a great deal to sustain the giant energy necessary to do his work. Luckily, his belly craves bone, and bones are easy to come by. The Trolls of the Caves collect bones of the creatures they kill, but sometimes their homecaves become crowded and they must dispose of excess bones. All excess bones are brought to a special designated area in Zariba Cave City where they are picked up by Magnor once a week. The rumble of his wagon through the widest tunnels can be heard for miles out. Magnor makes a delicious broth from this mix of miscellaneous bones, which he always has with him in an extremely large stone thermos.

Allies - Magnor considers himself the friend of everyone who lives underground in the Burning Lands, even though his work also protects the people on the surface. He never has any reason to hurt anything in the caves, but in the rare instance that he is attacked by some foolish predator, Magnor dispatches the predator quickly and painlessly. If ordered, he would emerge from his comfortable caverns to go to war for the Torch. War is one of the greatest honors of his ancestors, and Magnor knows they are still watching over him.

Enemies - In one of Magnor’s only memories of his mother, she was telling him very clearly to never trust a Serpentine. This was only moments before his other memory of his mother: Titan invaders kicking down the massive cottage door and slaughtering her before his eyes.

Work - The technology of the Lava Power Plants of the Burning Lands underground is some of the most fascinating in the Splinterlands. The natural flows of lava that have borne through the Planet for millennia are now harnessed for power. Their energy is borrowed to light, heat and exhaust the homes of thousands of cave dwellers. The institution and maintenance of this system would never have been possible without Magnor, who still spends his days managing the flow to this day. Magnor is incredibly resilient to heat, so he can work very closely to the lava, and he is large enough for jobs that require extreme brawn.

Pastimes - In what little free time he has, Magnor enjoys some peculiar activities. One of his favorites is hunting for the smallest critters in the largest caves. When he is able to catch one in his huge, clumsy hands, he is incredibly proud of himself, often tramping around for hours showing off to whomever he can find, before letting the traumatized creature go unharmed. Magnor also enjoys attending the concerts and various performances at Rock Stage, but if he plans to attend, he always needs to reserve a block of thirty seats at least a few weeks in advance. He’s big.

There's plenty of excitement on the horizon for 2020 and beyond with Splinterlands. If you're not in the game yet, what are you waiting for? Join HERE!


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