Washington DC to Televise Trillion $ Crypto Infomercial on 11/13/19

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Cryptocurrency will get a major boost tomorrow thanks to United States in an unusual act of bipartisan action. Of course this will be unintentional, and not at all intended by everyone participating but the status quo of politically based fiat currency may get shamed out of a monopoly (we can dream, right?).

Impeachment hearings that will very likely involve one party telling the country how one party's leader is despicable and needs to be removed from office to bail out their constituents in another trillion dollar hustle. The other side will talk about this hearing being a "scam, fraud, corrupt, unconstitutional," etc. There may even be some legislation proposed and passed as a compromise. But how do you compromise when both sides are vying for influence and the "keys to the U.S. Treasury" while demonizing, dehumanizing their opponents at all costs for the previously mentioned prize?

Lucky for those that are crypto junkies there may be new instant memory file footage to brand the American People's collective memory of the dysfunctional overreach of what political fiat currency has produced from what was once as free and robust an economy the world has ever seen. Fortunately all the slithering of the swamp reptiles on both sides of self promotion, hyperbole, and outright party propaganda will be spewing like pea soup out of the whirling head of a possessed body.

Notice I have not taken a jab at any party in particular, any person in particular. That is exactly the point. There are personalities here that have been overexposed and I am not a cable news network or national alphabet propaganda machine pumping out a narrative. My agenda is that you go into this before it happens knowing that this is a pure indictment of the system we tolerate and fully deserve, every last drop of it. This will be bad, ugly, and very likely minus any good or virtue--though the "Bat Virtue Signal" will be on full blast for all the public to see. I hope the Gotham City power grid has all backup generators on standby.

It has been said that often bad things (or sometimes omens of big things to soon become apparent) come in threes, or heavily noticeable patterns of a massive revelation soon to change perception at levels marketing executives would drool over. In the past few weeks the "Highly compromised off air sudden passing of an individual of particular interest to many in power," for lack of better name for the perceived conspiracy and horrific coincidence of his death prior to his trial in an extraordinary symphony of coincidences within minutes of his death--again remember officially ruled as a suicide. Maybe this is the second? Have we seen the third already? Could the three year investigation have been the first of three? History will let us know as of now that is not settled and is in marvelous flux in the form of the political dog and pony show that will air live to the horror, amusement, and collective feeling of doom of the American People before it is all said and done.

So the rub on this is simple-the public will be shown the outright foolishness and outdated methods of exchange, or the monopoly that is currently in place by central banking and will not be going anywhere soon. I just hope that the possibility of there being another option outside the money politically driven laundering system that has reached its zenith of hypocrisy and blatant lack of modern vision. Enjoy the show, get your popcorn ready, and maybe you can have an interesting talking point to whoever you visit with wherever and whenever you are talking about politics or national news that surely no one will be seeing on the fact laundering subsidiary news networks.


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