Moving BATTLE, SPT, and GG to @Detour!

in #sptlast year

I am in the process of transitioning three gaming related tokens from my @sumatranate account to my @detour account.

This @detour account is a dedicated account to my @Splinterland adventures. As such, I feel it is important for this account to have staking authority of my SPT, GG, and BATTLE tokens, so that I can better support followers of this account.

@Detour's Current Staked Balances

  • Battle Token= 3303
  • Splintertalk = 4627.849292
  • Good Game Token = 1530.25

Estimated Totals After Unstaking from @SumatraNate Account

  • Battle Token= 3643
  • Splintertalk = 7303.49572
  • Good Game Token = 3030.25

What Does This Mean For You?

Although my Steem Power is not very high on this account (at least not yet), you will receive additional benefits when I upvote your comments.

See you on the battlefield and in the comments section!