SEVEN77, Slaying the Splinterlands

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If you know me at all, you know that I have in common with the Mother of Dragons that: I did not come here to play, I came here to slay. This is my first tournament getting really into Steem Monsters and I thought it would be cool to unwrap my awarded booster for the #SEVEN77 challenge.

I feel like I should have bought my initial cards on the market as opposed to using fiat but I am always happy to spend money on this blockchain. I have been having a lot of fun strategizing with this game and I love love love it!

In other news my landlord bought us a brand new fridge today which was unexpected, except for the fact that the old one was leaking. I am very happy about that.

I mistake the Phantom Soldier for a neutral monster in the video but it is actually from the Death Splinter


Want to join the SEVEN77 family with me and the legendary @NathanMars? Ain't nothing more simple!

Sent out a tweet including a video of you doing 7 push-ups or any other action and include one reason why you think Steem is awesome. Also include what day you are at in the challenge.

For example: include day 28/77 in your tweet.

If you are ambitious like me, put 777 behind the dash!
This will mean that you are up to a 777 day challenge!

The days do not need to be back to back.

You can nominate someone to join the challenge.

Finally, include @NathanMars7 in your tweet because without our fearless leader, none of this would be possible!

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Great and cool. You enjoy it very much. Also you get many benefits.
And you never forget to promote #seven77 which initiate by @nathanmars
Thank for sharing this post
We always push the Steem to the moon

I thank you very much for your comment, the moon might be a bit far, I would be great full if Steem could make it halfway there 🌚

Very cool you enjoy the game! Thanks for sharing!

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We its a wonderful

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I'm always slaying girl! Lol. Glad you're having fun the hard forks always seem to boost some and depress others but as long as we keep slaying we're good! Ha. Have I told you you have the prettiest hair! ♡

Awesome! Keep on going and pushing as well as recruiting others to join our #seven77 and #justpushit #pushbook Network. Have a great day. 💜🙌♨️🌙

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