Season rewards!

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Well another season has been written to the history books! This season did get an extra dimension when I suddenly moved into Diamond I in the last day of the season! This was pretty unexpected, because I would have been very happy with ending into Diamond II, for the second season in a row!

This little bit of luck did reward me 10 extra season reward cards!

The total value of the season reward card was $5.45! While it is great to get a $5 dollar just for playing a game for 15 days, it also was a little bit disappointing. 10 more cards to turn than last season, but almost a buck less!

The rewards


Mayby this has to do with the fact that no golden foils did present themselves to me. I did got 9 rare cards, only 1 epic but 2 legendary! Twice the Sacred Unicorn, which is probably the cheapest legendary out there!

But step by step, my collection is reaching the end goal, which is being maxed out at Gold League level.

Collection value

Although I have been selling some card during the past season, the collection value is increasing again.

Since keeping track of the value of my collection, I did double! That is what I call a great investment! Even more lucrative than I would have converted steem into Steem Power!




Dang, I can't remember the last time I saw the Diamond League. I am lucky to make it to Gold 1 most of the time. That is awesome about the Legendary cards. I need a couple more of those to max out my Sacred Unicorn.

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