Chicken Chicken

in #sptlast year

The new season has started and the new cards are out...
I immediately got lucky and got a gold Beetle Queen, a regular windmaster and of course the chicken.




The only thing I did was put the Beetle Queen for sale on steempeak and now I want to cancel that sale but have no idea how... I figured I would sell the queen and get a gold chicken. Now I just want to keep the card.

I guess its more about playing now then about the end value of the cards. (even though the money is potentially nice and I still view it as a long term investment)

The gameplay changes with each new card and we need to adapt the strategies. Cannot wait till all beta are gone to see about the new ones.

I guess I will get my deck up to roughly level 6 before beta is over. Would have been nice to get max level but this would cost more fiat then I am willing to invest right now.

The cool thing is that that Chicken helped me win a match already so I am a big fan