The cult of fire demons

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A group of priests who worship the fire, were under siege, the vast majority of these men were not combatants, were dedicated to worship and praise their God.

The storm of war hit their temple, they were willing to die for their beliefs, but one of the monks who was beginning to be afraid began to secretly invoke the spirits of fire to fight by his side.

His call was heard, the spirit whispered in his ear, like making a portal with runes to open the gates of hell.

The monk hurried to perform the ritual, just as it was about to end, the enemy troops entered and stopped him, only missing a rune. These warriors began to torture the priests, who did not let out a single cry of pain. They demonstrated their devotion to incalculable levels.

The leader of the invaders approached the monk who was performing the ritual and asked: What were you trying?
He replied: If you put the last rune in that cryptogram, you will see it with your own eyes.

The leader felt no fear and boldly placed the rune, a fatal mistake, the demons pounced on them. Their attacks go through multiple objectives. In a few seconds the invaders were destroyed. The monk was happy with his
God had saved him, but it was not so that after killing the invaders, the demons killed the priests, only the monk was alive and at that moment he preferred to have died.

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