The dragon warrior

in spt •  7 months ago 

Daria was born being a dragon, but her form did not get completed instead she got a humanoid appearance, the great ancient dragons exiled her, she swore to prove her worth as a dragon, but her attempt failed, she could not breathe fire or poison, she could not cross the infinite skies, he knew that his people would never accept it, but when the war started, the great dragon hunt began, the kingdoms wanted to force them to fight by his side or by his precious skins, teeth and blood.

Daria watched in horror as his people died alone one by one, in that moment he awakened what the ancients called the command cry. With this power he could gather the nearby dragons and rule them at will.

Daria led the winged legion and devastated all its adversaries. From that moment the other kingdoms feared his name.

Daria is the desalted dragon, it is the deadliest and all the kingdoms pay a great reward for her head.

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