Ideas For The Untamed Splinterlands Edition: Death Splinter

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With the end of the Beta phase of @Splinterlands aka @Steemmonsters, we are swiftly approaching a time of no time, in which no cards will be available to buy (besides Orbs and all cards and booster tokens on the free market). After this yet undisclosed period we will begin a new chapter in Steem gaming: the 1.0 version of the most popular and successful game on the blockchain - Splinterlands Untamed!

Under 30,000 Beta booster packs left from originally 900,000. Hurry Up!

Put Some Life Into Death


The scariest splinter in Splinterlands is not scary at all. My guild, the Legendary Dragons, is running their own analysis bot on the top games played every single day and let me tell you: Death is not popular AT ALL! The top players are preferring to send all the other splinters into the ranked battles, while the undead are mostly staying in their crypt.

The daily quest for the Death splinter is a painful endeavor, even if you have every single undead card in the game on the maximum level. With merely the basic cards from the booster packs, this becomes such a frustrating task, that requesting a new quest is often the best choice.

"I have no time for games."

Quote: Lady Sylvanas Windrunner - Banshee Queen (not affiliated with @splinterlands)

What do we need then?


Life Leech

The Death splinter is perfect for the ability to suck out the life from their enemies. The Vampire is showing how its done. Sadly, that card is expensive to play and rarely gets its chance to shine (in the Moon light), due to the weak defenses of the splinter. He is usually falling on the battlefield before he can even begin to taste the blood of monsters. How awesome would be a tank with the same ability? Or maybe a sneaker, to stand a chance against all these Thorns from the defenders?


When you play the undead, they are loaded with debuffs for their enemies. While that is certainly their specialty and strength, apparently this doesn't help much yet to make them fight at the same level as the other splinters. The others just strike before them and take out the Death team bit by bit, because the walking dead are slow as hell. One or two monsters with the Swiftness buff would make a huge difference and catapult our literally and figuratively rotting monsters to a new level.



While all other splinters are having at least one monster with the ability to create a shield for all the team members, the Death monsters are basically standing naked on the battlefield. This is a huge disadvantage and makes them often fall in the first round, before they were even able to strike themselves (see the speed disadvantage above). Just one monster that would bring the Protect ability to the undead roster would reduce that disadvantage once and for all.


The Death Splinter is an amazing fraction in the Splinterlands. Let's show it some love in the upcoming Untamed edition, to make those ghosts, skeletons and banshees the powerful monsters they should be.

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I think if the vampire was 4 mana it would fit into a lot more scenarios!

greetings, @flauwy

excelent ideas, man!!! thank you for share with us

I am a big fan of the death deck.
I completely agree though.
A shielding unit... like "swamp fog" a team shield card.
and as there is no team healer maybe some more life leaching cards "swarm of bats" unable to be hit by arrows but weak to magic, cheap summoning cost, but also starts with low life?

Too excited to wait.

I really really can't wait to see the untamed cards :D

Thanks for this @flauwy, We need to put more pressure on splinterlands to address this issue or they'll continue to ignore it.

I agree the dead splinter desperately need some love

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