47🔻 🃏cards in this Steem🐉Monsters ⚔️Season!

in spt •  10 months ago  (edited)

Maintained my Silver I

I was actually thinking that I was not going to have time to reach it, but eventually, I did. On top of it, I managed to get quite higher in my score, almost reaching GOLD! I now believe that in the next season, it might be possible.


Cards wise, last season I managed to get 51, this one, 47. So definitively being up high before start winning any quests makes a huge difference.

My highest score ever!

Previous highest ranking: 1625
New highest ranking: 1833

I managed to bump substantially my previous highest score. Thanks @hbk08 for all the fights! (not just the one bellow)


My Highest DEC win score

Highest DEC win: 27.195
Current season highest DEC win: ??? (bellow)

I think I managed to do some 17's... but that was about it...
I was really lazy on this season, but I have the idea I did a 25 one, but I can't remember and it takes quite some time to look into all the battles.

This season I did not manage to beat my own record. It was quite hard, to be honest. But with the new acquisitions of gold cards, this might change in the next season.

11 Quests completed

On the previous season, I have completed 8 quests... In this one I managed to do a couple more, collecting a total of 29 cards. Have a look at my stash bellow:

And for the first time, 4 cards in a Quest! Woohoo!


And in terms of cards, I really agree that it's where you get the most value if you are considering playing as an investment. Just count them...

3 Gold, 2 Epics and 4 Rares!

Funny Battles!

This is my fun place... if there is anything worth pointing out, I will be doing it here.
(click the image to replay the battle)

Positioning cards in the right place...

Another one up to the round 22, but this time due to great placement of two legendaries! Nice battle @craftsman252 😎


My Guild: the 3rd eye!

The Guild has now been upgraded to Guild Hall level 3 (🤩thanks @jaxson2011 for the last leg of sprouting).

If you are willing to give this Guild a try, check if there is a free spot now and then. We currently have 17 slots (fully occupied at the time of this post).

And before the end of the season, the best I could witness was:

- Jumped from Rank #56 to #50
- And our rating passed +25k


Guild perks!

Besides all the fun, you might sometimes receive some "surprise" delegated cards (some crazy important for you to progress faster) and/or gifted cards (huge thanks again @quiplet) like 3x ANIMATED CORPSE, that allowed me to combine and create a Level 2.

Other examples of things you enjoy when being on a guild is, for example, the boost in the amount of DEC you win in your battles.

In this case, it will be a constant +2% per won battle, while you are at our Guild. And because we recently upgraded FINALLY the Hall, completing Quest now count towards SCROLLS.

Once we reach Level 3, DEC Bonus will be +3% and there will be a 1% Discount on the Shop section!

I feel the Guild section has lots of room for improvement and gamification possibilities. Would really make a difference for players if these that I think of, got implemented. I need to reach out to the dev Team (lately lack of time has not helped much).

The 18 cards

This time I did exactly the same as in the previous season. Let's flip them over!


One Gold, and three Rare

And I got my 3rd 😡FURIOUS 🐔CHICKEN... so I will be upgrading that one. I was also planning on upgrading the SEA MONSTER, so, GOLD, even better!

The rest is alright... not under my favoritism, but not bad cards.

Something new?

Have you purchased your first UNTAMED Pack? I have! You can pay in a diverse multitude of ways, PayPal, crypto, codes, backing on Kickstarter...


I especially like this KickStarter option. Wish that was already on @steemhunt upcoming IDEAHUNT, but maybe on the next one. 🙏 please @agroed make this happen on @steemmonsters!

Give it a go!

If you never tried this game and you wish to give it a go, use my referral link and mention me on any comment about it. I will lease you some cards for free for as long as needed until they become irrelevant towards your deck, so you can start immediately having some fun. If you have any card preferences, let me know that too.

NOTE: Every follower of my referral will get a guaranteed SBI sponsoring unit and will win 100 DEC upon humanizing themselves!

(some cards I can't lease, otherwise I can't keep playing)

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Hi @forykw. Congratz on the solid season. I just wanted also to let you know that @jaxson2011 is my son and he is 8 years old. I'll pass along to him your shout out as he isn't on the blogging stuff yet but he loves helping you out, and it makes him feel happy to feel useful. He is very mildly autistic so if he ever comes across a bit unusual in the chat, please understand why.

Can you let @quiplet know that if you have a free space, hit me up. On SM I use @jk6276.mons account.

Cheers mate.

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Hey! Awesome. He's doing quite well I would say. I don't have much time myself, but when I can, I do what's possible.

The guild is open, so anyone can get in/out anytime. =) slowly the Guild will grow in DEC and we will reach an higher rank.

I will keep letting everyone know when there are free spots.

Hey... there is a spot free right now! =)

Thanks mate, request is in. :-)

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  ·  10 months ago (edited)

I need to wait for for @quiplet, @virtus-q or @mediations to approve... In my case it was so fast I thought it would be automatic... but maybe they "approved" me quickly.

Hopefully you are all sorted. Let's wait.

EDIT: I see that now its by request. =) Ok... need to update my next post.

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You're unstoppable @forykw 😂
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