What a ⚔️Season Steem🐉Monsters!

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Silver II again!

I have reached Silver II for the second time and I was very close to getting Silver I, but at the last day, there are so many great players trying to do the same that basically wasn't possible.


Lots of Quests completed

On this season I focused on completing a few more quests... And I found that the "one card" win was just the beginning of the excitement. I am not sure what's the rule (did not yet bother to check), but after doing a couple more battles and completing more quests (not sure if because of my rank or because of the number of completed quests), I began getting 3 cards per quest! Hopefully, this is per rank, and that will just motivate me even more.

These were the last two quests I got...


Only one Rare, but actually allowed me to evolve the card.


Funny Battles!

Within some Draw ones, won or lost, I had a couple of them that were quite funny... some even took quite a few rounds to finish for example. Others were just pure luck, like this one with @charcoalbuffet (that I won, 😂):

(click the image to replay the battle)


Or this one, where the card that I would least expect to survive, was the most important one, that won the game! Sorry @raferti 🤦‍♂️, totally unexpected luck.



I have decided to try a Guild, and the 3rd Eye suited me well to start things up. Plus, I can start low where most everyone starts. Thanks @quiplet for all the support and extra cards.

The Guild is sort of full at the moment, but soon, we might be growing our Guild Hall to a bigger one, allowing us to allocate another slot. So make sure you check it out.

You can also challenge members of the guild for a battle head to head and check out their decks. This is a great way to test some of your combinations without having to try randomly on practice mode.

The current (16) members are:
@quiplet @virtus-q @rzadzikk @meditations @jenna16 @proto26 @lammbock me! @mangajp @elblanco27 @phleabag @jaxson2011 @oguzhangazi @thetyper @jordan64 @happyutopian

The 15 cards!

Finally, I get to this part... the most exciting part of the season in my view, when I am about to flip them over.

My 😱3rd Legendary, one Epic and one Rare!


Can't wait to see how much is this going to change my deck.

Overall opinion of SplinterLands

I have to say... until I have an App on iOS I confess that it is still hard for me, to not keep forgetting playing this game. Not that it's not interesting, but I have a lot of other things I like to do too... or sometimes I wish to see the light of the day too! But when that time arrives, and I am sure it will arrive, I am going to be crazy about this.

Why the "webpage" format does not suit me on the phone? Basically, because things are hardly in the correct size... which makes the experience not as good as in the PC. With an App, the formats are correctly sized and tested before they hit the App Store (hopefully 🤣), making it as enjoyable or sometimes even more. The same applies to Android, but those usually tend to work better on the browser, not sure why. Maybe I just need a bigger screen.

Apart from this, I am finding the game way more enjoyable than I thought I would at this stage. I think the reason why more players are coming over is indeed aligned with the fact the game provides a healthy and progressive fun along the time you play the game. And unless you invest a lot, you can't just come in easily to grab profits, at least not for the 99% of the users, I would say. Therefore the amount of "scum" is way less than other games, making the entire ecosystem very interesting.

You can still be a good trader and work the economics of the cards in the market, but I think you will lose more time than win profits if you compare it with any exchange market from the already diverse cryptocurrencies world. The big difference here is that if the prices go down, you sill have the cards to play with 😉.

Give it a go!

If you never tried this game and you wish to give it a go, use my referral link and mention me on any comment about it. I will lease you some cards for free for as long as needed until they become irrelevant towards your deck, so you can start immediately having some fun. If you have any card preferences, let me know that too.

(some cards I can't lease, otherwise I can't keep playing)

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Congratulations because of your Lord Arianthus! :)

I have to say... until I have an App on iOS I confess that it is still hard for me, to not keep forgetting playing this game. Not that it's not interesting, but I have a lot of other things I like to do too... or sometimes I wish to see the light of the day too! But when that time arrives, and I am sure it will arrive, I am going to be crazy about this.

I totally agree with this!

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  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Maybe a Christmas gift ? =) Would be lovely.

CC @steemmonsters


Belas recompensas de season! Em relação às cartas que recebes por quest, aumentam com a liga em que estás. Daí o estímulo para melhorar a coleção! Boa sorte nesta época, se precisares de ajuda no jogo avisa! 😉

Foi fixe esta season... mas também tive tempo pra dedicar... o que já não sei se consigo fazer na próxima. Vamos ver.

Tu estás numa GUILD puxada pra caraças em termos de custo... bolas. Por enquanto vou ver se ganho alguma coisa até passar a gold... depois logo vejo.

Tu estás numa GUILD puxada pra caraças em termos de custo...

E eu já lhes disse isso mesmo; estou com eles porque já havia um grupo de guild ainda antes das guilds terem aparecido, e a malta é porreira e joga com regularidade... mas acho o preço um pocado puxado. Se bem que se algum dia quiseres sair, te compram o lugar, ou seja, recebes o dec quase todo de volta. Estive a espreitar a tua colecção, vou-te emprestar uma carta que te vai dar um jeitão para te ajudar a subir ;) Abraço e boas batalhas!

Obrigado. =) logo dou uma vista de olhos nas tuas cartas pra ver se aprendo qualquer coisa tambem.


Great job and soon you might be gold 🙌.

I like the aspect of funny battles. Some are really by luck

Yep =)

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When Steemmonsters comes in Android or iOS format it will take off. Currently, I only play it before bedtime on my laptop. It is fun when you think that DEC can be exchanged to TRON or STEEM.

Indeed ;) for example I would probably play it at lunch time or when I am waiting on something.

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Bela temporada :) a mim aconteceu uma cena estranha, estava para receber 9 cartas mas só recebi 7 :( não percebi o que se passou

Reporta isso. Tens screen shot!? Quero ver!

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por acaso já é a segunda semana seguida que me acontece o mesmo, infelizmente não fiz o printscreen... até era para fazer um videorecord ao virar as cartas... aparece a reward de 9 cartas, faço claim e aparecem as primeiras 7 para virar... viro e depois não aparecem as restantes :/ a ver se no próximo registo o processo a ver se acontece o mesmo..

You got some nice rewards, I want to join a guild. Do you know how can I do?

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Sure, search for open (under Membership column) ones at https://steemmonsters.com/?p=guilds and then Join it (somewhere there should be a join button if the Guild is open, otherwise you have to put a request that needs to be approved by the Guild).

I will take a look at them


You are really having a great time with your game... Keep the glow friend.

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Good battle😀


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I really don't understand the game

At the beginning it was a bit hard to me too. But then I gave it a few gos and it started making more sense.

What are examples of questions you have? I may be able to help.

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Good jhob


Rewards increase with rank. Nice cards you got.

Yep now I got it =) which is fair and nice in my view.


Good run even if now it is harder and harder to reach SILVER, not to say anything about GOLD. I understand that the game is evolving, but the early adopters should still be rewarded somehow...

My objective on this season is to reach Silver I... i am currently on Silver II.

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Good jhob steem

Good game


I got some but it kinda got boring to me