A secondary account dedicated for steemmonsters!

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So, I finally created an secondary account. The idea behind it is to use it solely to write Steemmonsters related posts. This way I can write a post about the daily quest. I don’t want to do this with my main account because this would/could be seen as spamming. I already have the daily actifit post late at night. Maybe I should also create a separate account for this purpose. But that would mean starting at 0 again with the Actific User Rank.

So, the newly created post is @fcb.spt. I did want to use fullcoverbetting.spt but that is more than 16 characters and due to this not allowed by @steem.ninja I had to pick another name! To bad for me the characters before the "." are related to one of the biggest rivals of KRC Genk :(.
So feel free to follow it if you are interested in Steemmonsters. As you can see the account is created with the INVITE tokens I do earn by delegating to steem.ninja.

I will write the season overview posts about Steemmonsters on my main account.

I did delegate some SP to the account so that it wouldn’t run out of resource credits. I also I did delegate some SPT and GG to the account. I do still want to have a healthy amount of those tokens in my main account. But probably it is smarter to have to main part of SPT on the SPT account, which does sound more logical.

But I am drifting again. I will also keep statistics about the DEC earned and the value of my deck.

I do think that this way I can earn more SPT than writing a weekly or bi-weekly steemmonster post with my main account.

So if you also have a steemmonster related post, feel free to let me know so that I can follow that account! I know @abh12345 has one, and I am following that already. Just like I am following all account which are part of the Dec Hunters guild!


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I still think short and focused posts related to our acts here should not be seen as spam but I totally understand your approach as it has been what most have done. I am avoiding the administrative burden of handling multiple accounts and will not be heartbroken if my extra posts are flagged but will continue to posts them on my main. Look forward to seeing the Splinterlands journey which has been intense as of late for many of us!

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It for sure has been intense! It is a hell of a ride!
I did have some INV tokens so I could use them then let them eat dust!
I didn't want to write a daily SM post with my main account, so that is the reason why I did make the decision. Don't know if it will be a smart one or not!
For sure I will earn more SPT, but no idea if this will be worth the hassle. But as a statistical nerd and an excel lover, I do have a new reason the create a new excel :)

You seem to know what you are doing. One account is all I can handle with all the different tags available now.
I never got into the steemmonsters but it from what I’ve read it’s going good.

In my eyes the best project on the Steem blockchain! O man, it would be great to see this one going viral!

I guess a separate account is a good idea since those steem monster posts are pretty boring to people who do not play. Personally, I find it hard to maintain several accounts when I don't have much online time...