Another Steemmonsters season has been written to the record books!

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Diamond 2.jpg

A season does last for 15 days and it does fly by! For the first time ever I did reach Diamond II. Barely but reached is reached. I did end with 3100 rating points, which really is the absolute minimum was had to achieve to score the 10 extra reward cards!

Due to the fact that the daily quest reward cards were pretty miserable in the past season I was looking forward to turn over the cards! Not that it was a disappointment but it wasn't great either. Last season the combined value was $6.68 so with 10 extra reward cards I was hoping to crush that record.
Well the record was beaten but in fashion. The combined value of the reward cards did crush the record with $0.01.
Still happy with the legendary Ruler of the Seas.
This gives my 6 of those beauties, but I don't know if I ever will bring my summoners to level 7 which is needed to unleash it's full power. Which in this cause is an extra magic point. So in most battles it will attack with 5 magic. Not bad, but probably I will never be able to use it!


To bad no Golden foils and I am also missing out on the Epics :(

What next?


Of course I also do want to reach Diamond II again this season. Last season I did try to play more games in the beginning of the season, which did the trick for me, so expect the same for this season.
But I am willing to keep on investing into Beta cards? I still have some card, which I really would like to bring to the max level which may be used in the Gold leagues.
I already also did invest into the Untamed packs. Not in the kickstarted but I did buy some pre-sales packs. It appears that when you do, you will be eligible for all 14 upcoming airdrops. Probably the more pack you did buy, the more chance you will have! Each time when they do sell 100K packs, they will unleash a new characters. When a new character is unlocked it will be airdropped to the ones who did buy already some untamed packs!
The already sold more than 105K Untamed packs! How crazy is that. This already has a value of $205K. They really keep on finding things which keeps the players investing into the game!

But back to the investments into beta cards. I will use to earned DEC to purchase beta cards on the market and try to bring them to another level. For time to time I will already throw in some extra liquid steem to speed things up! Because in steemmonsters a status quo is the same as going back!

Hope you all had a great season!



I dont have the exact number from the seasons rewards, but it was nit as good. In 150 cards usualy there was some legendary and gold epic or rare. Well better luck next time :)

Something we have great pulls followed by a long period of bad pulls.
Have a !BEER


Hey @dalz, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I sneaked into Diamond ! by 4 points and stopped playing for the next day to stay there. One legendary as well but nothing special apart from that.

Great achievement!
Hope that you will reach it also in the current season!


Hey @niallon11, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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You know, I think I have a start pack kicking around somewhere. One of these days I'm going to try it.

Well it can be very addictive!
I do play also with a secondary account which does play with leased cards from the main account! Always nice to try it out! It is one of the few things which is keeping steem alive.


I think I am going to enroll the kids into SM now is the goal to get them away from FIFA 20

Mhh, still sitting behind a screen. Luckily Fortnite was down for a day :)

Yes but that’s on again aswell so I have a hard but time crack