Untamed Bigfoot has refused to leave me

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I don't know if this can be termed to be a story or nonsense.I have been playing the steemmonsters game for a long time and now it feels superreal. I think I am jinxed or something cos every season I play like I am just learning on the game. Today I have come to realise that my village people are there also and they are making me play like a crazy dumb girl.

Then I realise that I am bothered about something and it's called debt. I don't think big loans are for me cos I can't seem to find the courage to sleep and eat proper anymore. I need to know how others do it cos I can't even concentrate anymore on the game. Every time I open my game to play all I see is my debt dancing on the screen.

Another problem I have is me selling off my cards.It feels like I am selling my birthright even though I need to sell it off. Selling it off means paying off my loan quicker and faster. So God gave me a gift in my loan investment but my village people won't allow me sell it off in peace.

I got a big man with a bigfoot in a shining wrapper which is popularly known as a gold foil card in the latest untamed release. Zaku and Pikachu shared there sale success of this card and my SM adviser @xawi thought why not sell mine too and so I did by placing it in the market.I have been changing and changing the price for the past 2 weeks and it has refused to sell. So today I am taking the picture to the river for deliverance so as to enable a quick sell. If you wanna buy, holla at me cos all I need for now is steem and not to worry I will make the price favourable and not the amount Pikachu is asking for.


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Hahhaha....ehnehn sheyb you said I needed to go and wash my head that time, hahaha now its two of us both.😂😂🤣🤣

Lool your post funny abeg...health is wealth my dear please pay off and eat o, nothing like peace of mind o...😘😘

dunno who owns this handle..I am confused