My First Azmare Dice

in #spt4 months ago

Hello, Splinterlanders!


I am slowly getting back to the game Splinterlands. And a couple of days ago I decided to buy my first Azmare dice! And I think I was super lucky! Look what I got!

2 summoners and 1 legendary card! I didn't play with my new summoners yet. Actually, I am not sure if they are really cool ...But...Kralus...

Kralus is amazing! It has a cute image and super-cool abilities and skills! I am using that card almost in all battles haha

Now I am trying to save some DECs and to buy more DICEs... What do you think should I buy 1 more dice or should I be patient and to save DECs for 20 dices?

Do you know that I host giveaways?



Good luck! Have a nice day!

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