Splinterlands. Battle Up - NFT Tournaments!

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Hello Everyone!

I started to be more active on Splinterlands. I even started rearranging my cards. But I will tell you about it next time because it is a long story.

Today I want to share with you my new interest in Splinterlands. Tournaments! And not just tournaments but NFT tournaments. I am still confused and don't understand how does it exactly works, but I like it.

Last time I participated in 2 tournaments which entry fee was just 3DECs. But this time I was in a higher league, so I had just 1 tournament with an entry fee 3 DECs.

And see what I got!


I opened all packs. I got some Raffle tickets, point cards, and monsters!

Also, it seems I won some packs from last week's raffle. But I didn't get them yet.

Auctions, raffles, NFTs....it is smth super new to me... But I like it!

Did you participate in NFT tournaments?

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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No I didn't participate.. but I wish I would have!
I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this NFT stuff.

I sold my first NFT on Atomic the other day.... so I got that going for me. :)

@doctorcrypto same here. I still don't really know what are these NFTs so I am collecting them... xD

Yay! 🤗
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