Splinterlands. Mission for that season complete

in #spt10 months ago

Good day everyone!

How are you doing?

It was unexpected but I did it again, I reached Champion 3 league again.


This season it was much faster and much easier. And definitely, unexpected. Last season I reached Champion 3 league at the very last moment. But this season I even didn't set it as a goal.

Also, the most of daily quests were terrible. I was losing battle by battle. I changed most of daily quests. And today, after I finished my daily quest I somehow reached Champion league. I just played a couple of battles and a point of 3,700 rate was reached!

I still have 5 days to do my best to go a little bit further.

I hope all of you are doing good, and will get good results this season!

But if you don't play Splinterlands yet, hurry up and join it now! And get your first season rewards just in 5 days!

Btw, there is a new telegram group: https://t.me/splinterlandsHQ

Thank you! Good luck!