First time in the CHAMPIONS II league!

in spt •  5 days ago 

Who would have thought with my measly level 5 summoners that I would be able to reach the CHAMPIONS II league! tears of joy! XD

Back then I really thought that it was only because of luck that I manage to step into the CHAMPIONS league but after a while it became my norm to end the season as a CHAMPION.

And so for the last 3 seasons I made it my goal to step into the next league and reach CHAMPION II, which I still can't believe it happened even at the last minute today. XD

Woohooo! Finally got a screenshot of this pop-up

I still do think that Lady Luck played a big role on this since I was matched up against a lot of level 4 Daria Dragonscale summoners today instead of the usual level 6+ summoners I normally get at this time of the season.

Annotation 20200630 094910.jpg

And so I got 120 Loot Chests as rewards from last season's season end. Woohoo! XD

Annotation 20200630 174524.jpg

As for the card rewards that I got, I pulled at least 965 DEC worth of cards (burn value) or at least $1.66 USD on the market which I expect to go lower as the market starts to adjust with the value of the new reward cards.


Still 965 DEC worth of cards in 120 Loot Chests is honestly a little disappointing. T_T I did get a 400 DEC and a 200+ DEC as part of the 120 Loot Chests but other than that this was a pretty bad season end reward for someone who has reached CHAMPION II. T_T

I did kinda expect this result though as I immediately opened my season rewards right after the season ended.

Well hopefully next time I get better cards.

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