Just4kicks46 to end Daily Steem Monsters Giveaways Effective Today

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Ending Steem Monsters Giveaways


Giveaways Terminating Effective Today

For as long as I’ve been a part of Steemit I have been involved in Steemit Monsters, now known as Splinterlands.

I joined up as part of my big brother’s giveaway team which essentially functions in the following manner, rack up a bunch of Steembasicincome shares and post daily giveaways to earn your handful of cents you can daily and then one to two times per week Giveaway cards of a value less than the amount you earned to still clear a profit even if it was only a few cents here and there.

There’s no real path to making any kind of meaningful money by doing this because there’s a significant up front cost to obtaining the SBI shares in the first place. The benefit is using that extra “profit” to scoop up some extra Steem Monsters cards here and there and holding them until they appreciate in value or trying to max level something so that you can later rent it out.

My big brother has continued his Giveaways for so long because he feels like he’s helping people which is awesome and I certainly do not speak for him in my decision to terminate my Giveaways but all too frequently lately I’ve listened to folks in the top tiers of Steem Monsters (some of the Mavericks and particularly one of the owners of Peakmonsters) refer to accounts like mine as “pathetic” and stating that they’d like to downvote us all.

Furthermore, this is a blockchain-based social media platform where we should be able to say and write or giveaways whatever we please. Our content shouldn’t be dictated by others in higher positions simply because they don’t like what we post or don’t understand why we do what we do. If they consider it spam it’s mainly because they don’t need to make extra little scraps wherever they can. We’re at least working for these pennies that we’re earning.

I wish we could all be Contest Kings. I have no idea or even a remote inkling of how they can afford to giveaway so much and the quality of things they do but they’re of course one of the best things that has ever happened to the game of Steem Monsters because they help people in masses and in a significant way. I truly hope they continue to succeed and continue to help others out like they do now.

It’s easy for them to say things like this when they have greater monetary means than people like myself and many others and they make substantially more in their earnings or by playing the game with all their max level cards that they can afford.

They clearly do not value the little people and what we do enough and think that what they do is far superior to us, which in many ways it is, especially if talking about things like Peakmonsters but that still shouldn’t discount the fact that there’s are many low income / low budget players that need Giveaway services to afford to play the game.

The attitudes around the community has just really soured me on doing these giveaways any longer. If what they want people like me to do is post pictures of my daily rewards card which adds no value and helps no one then fine, have it your way, I’ll do things like that instead.

I still plan to honor the last of my daily giveaways that are pending out there but then once those are completed there will be no further giveaways from this account going forward.

I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and for my present feelings toward parts of the community. This decision was made after careful consideration and I hope to find something else meaningful to work on at some point in the near future.



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Hi, I have been send over here after your brother told me about you and your decision to leave the giveaways behind. I was one of the strong supporters against low quality giveaways who circle-jerk SPT out of the supply. I wouldn't count any of your posts among that kind of behavior that I was criticizing. Also, I cannot speak for @jarvie but I believe that he would agree with me in that and that he wasn't indicating at targeting people like you, who actually work on their posts.

I have been for 2.5 years on the Steem blockchain and I have seen so much in all directions, that to me it has become clear, that quality is the key to both success of the platform as well as the individual. Whatever that might mean because that is highly subjective. But still, I like to create amazing posts and consume amazing posts. This is why I was speaking out on the Mavericks channel against these kind of posts.

Interestingly, you are speaking badly about reward share posts, which in my opinion are not worse or better than giveaways (sure, others don't get a direct value out of those posts, unlike with giveaways). But I think they can also be awesome and cool and look amazing.

The biggest issue is, that it is tough to find good content to upvote because of the lack of effort people put into their posts, no matter what the content is. Again, you are apparently not meant by that because you write plenty of text, style your posts and use decent imagery (although a bit repetitive for my personal taste but still way better than most others).

After we were all super emotional and argued back and forth, we were actually realizing on Discord that we all want the same: support the smaller accounts who put in effort. And believe me, even though I own some very valuable cards, I am barely able to pay my rent and provide for my family, so please don't jump the gun so quickly and think that others who criticize certain behaviors and mentality (not directed at you) of low effort content creators, are doing so out of their elevated financial position.

My conclusion: I have been realizing that there is a strong demand for giveaways and I had to reconsider my own opinion about them. In fact, I want to support those posts more in the future with both my own upvotes as well as the #spt curation trail that I am leading - provided that effort has been put into these posts. The monetary value of the cards is irrelevant for that.

Please reconsider coming back and continue your giveaways, or else we end up with the low quality giveaways, while your stuff is fading out.

I go one step further: I would like to help you with styling tips, hand-made graphics and even a few of my own cards to give away in your posts. We can all work together to make the best out of this and grow a s community. No one is looking or talking down at you. I am looking forward to your reply!

@flauwy @jacekw @rentmoney @senstless I am shocked to even see some of the better players and more influential people around Steem Monsters even on my Steemit account and yes my post may have been made overly emotionally.

I know I wasn’t directly mentioned but I feel included within the general group that those comments were directed at. I mean in the grand scheme of things I have a lot on my plate right now with school and other things I have going on in my life that I view this as a hobby and one that I can do to in some small way feel at least like I’m helping people while make a little bit on the side I can use to buy some cards.

I don’t view it as anything more than that and I have no other motives so to feel like someone is going to eventually target my account and downvote the little bit I am making that makes me ask myself them what’s the point and why do I want to subject myself to that? I don’t want to be treated poorly just because I’m trying to be involved and trying to find a way to fund the cards I buy.

It’s just not a great feeling knowing other people think your insignificant or harmful to the platform when I think otherwise.

I just have time justifying the “profit” I make versus that kind of headache or treatment. I want to stick around mainly because I have already in a short period of time made some acquaintances on here and I generally like the people and playing the game.

I just might take a step back for a little while and recollect myself.

I also hear you on the repetitiveness of the posts. I’ve had this conversation with my brother before and we’ve struggled to come up with improvements honestly because we’re still trying to figure out how to do things to mix it up or make it more appealing. None of us are very techy or even half-way understand mark-up format and photo creation or editing, etc. but we’ve been at least trying to research some of this maybe to little avail but we’ve tried to all model our posts similarly to provide a level of consistently.

Maybe that was the wrong approach and made it more spammy. I’m not really sure at this point but if I do continue the giveaways at a later date I’ll work on more improved posts at least but there won’t be much I can do about the value of the cards I Giveaway.

I only get 3 cards or so afterall when I play in the Silver leagues with my gold foil cards and they’re usually commons anyway.

I only play with gold foil cards that I could afford (mainly commons and rares) so really what else could i giveaway without funds to buy a higher level deck a lack of desire to spend my few cents I make renting a bunch of max level cards?

In any case, I’m honored the four of you would even stop by and lend some support, that does mean a lot to me.

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I hope you change your mind and continue making these giveaways. To be honest, I'm not participating in any giveaways, but see that a lot of people are engaging in them! I'm gonna sent you 4 x Furious Chicken - one of the most useful cards right now, just for future giveaways if you decide to continue them. And happy battling! :)

Don't let what others say on the internet bother you. I do many giveaways and some are only 2 cent cards. Keep in mind we are a vast group and different opinions are to be expected. Some don't see the value in these giveaways and thats fine but don't let it be a reason to quit.

If you decide to continue then let me know and I will show my support in your topics from time to time.

The Mavericks want you to stay and give your best for amazing content! Take a phat #spt upvote.

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Awwe maaaaan. What a bunch of sour apples at the upper end of the fruit tree. Well, at least I can say 'Thank you' for the work you have done. It has been fun. I have long thought it is better to give and see a smile, than to take and think only of yourself. Honestly, I don't think you have done anything wrong. You contests were a bit of fun while sipping my coffee each day.


Lenin rejected the power of the rich and affirmed the power of the people. The power of the majority. if the game is only for the rich, it is doomed.


My brother is right in saying he does not speak for me but I share in his frustration especially considering bringing a family member into the world of Steemit and Steem Monsters was such a happy moment for me only to see it ending like this is a pretty sad thing.

If you want to stick around - let me know. I will sponsor you some SBI, and give you some cards to give away. Don't quit just yet - at one time a lot of reward cards were little to no money, but now out of print the Mushroom Seer and Hobgoblin have more than doubled.


Hey @just4kicks46, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!


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"I’ve listened to folks in the top tiers of Steem Monsters (some of the Mavericks and particularly one of the owners of Peakmonsters) refer to accounts like mine as “pathetic” and stating that they’d like to downvote us all."

This is one of the resaons why i think steem as a content platform will fail.
If you have elitists picking and choosing who can and can't post then people will just walk away. May as well be on youtube or facebook where there is less friction.
Steem will probable become a good utility tokens but steemit as a social media platform.. I don't think

It’s things like this that I simply just couldn’t stand anymore. I’m sure I could find several other examples too but this was the last straw for me personally. I’ve not even been doing this for all that long, maybe six months or so at the most but I just don’t have the patience for things like this. I’ll give other people credit for being able to shrug it off or just ignore it.


I'm sure they all be able to stew in their own juices when people leave.
Most of the videos i watch on youtube never speak positive of steemit

Down voting is just censorship by another name.

They think #newsteem is great but downvoting people off the platform is not the way to go
If everyone who posted , posted quaity content (whatever that is) and never looked at other peoples post then the system would fall apart.
As for the 50% rewards. If people are not manually voting then they are just voting for ROI and not for the quality

But i guess it is what it is and you either make the best of it or you leave. Quite sad really


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