Ordinary day on splinterlands

in #spt10 months ago

The total value of this rewards equal to 5 common and 1 rare card

Oohh.. the new monster has not dropped in my deck today 🙃 but that's fine...because it doesn't takes too long for me to complete the quest anyway.

It's a defend the borders again after escaping death quest

I used to love playing with death ..but on Gold 3 at this time, I'd better use other splinter. My life team is level 2 without the Silvershield Assassin🤣 oohh.. I used to play him along with feral. Even though I have a light elemental with it's 2 magic and a cave slug, but being sneaky is a must 😆.

I dunno when did I started to depends on the assasin 🤪 I have unicorn and healer too. I seldom use the healer lately😇 because I think other quick attacker is needed more than the healer.

Drink this blue tea to boost your mood

I wonder how some accounts being so lucky to meet easy opponents and claims nice rewards, but many accounts just meet Tough opponents and claim no cards but a little DEC and 1 potion 🤔 whatever the mystery is.. Leave it😉 just play and consider you're lucky when you can win easily and then found shining and shaking chests.

Have Fun!


Maybe we just stop playing for a day..to get better rewards later 🤪

Yeaahh.. we talk to ourselves now 😆