I am back again

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wolf image.jpg

hi my dears friends, I'ven a little away from this platform, some personal issues keep me away from posting, but here I am again, Thanks to my dear friend @flauwy that has given me encouragement I am here to share with all you guys all my graphics and illustrations.

I am here again to be part of the Splinterlands card game community

I will be posting part of process of my work and some things about the splinterlands game in this account but you can check the @mushroom-monster when all the great things will be publish

The monster in my image is one I am working on, we will soon show you, here a small sample of the sketch so you have an idea of who it is, the final art will be publish in the @mushroom-monster account.

sketch wolf.jpg

I hope you can give us all your support to make greater this community.


greetings, @kayrex

welcome back foer this gamen ,man

thanks man!

When we make our website next month I would like to contact you regarding some commission work if that’s ok? #welcomeback

cool! count on me

Looking forward to it.

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Thank you for supporting @kayrex. He lives in Venezuela and can need all the help he can get! Both of us promise to create awesome content for you guys on our solo profiles @kayrex, @flauwy and out mutual project @mushroom-monster. And looking at both our solo profiles you will see that we are not kidding about that!

Keep using the battle tag and I’ll keep hitting you guys up with big votes. I have a bunch of battle staked.

Woohoo, my favorite illustrator is BACK!

The Splinterlands Mavericks team is expecting great things from you and your legendary illustrations. Many have already admired your art and asked for work for their projects. Play this right and soon you will be living in Columbia!

Welcome back!

thank you!

No problem, the more the merrier! !BEER

Hey @kayrex, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

cool!, thanks!