Investment In Splinterlands Quest, Legendary And Alchemy Potion – 29 Report

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Day 29 Daily Quest Battle.jpg

Daily Quest battles

I started my daily quest battle today in the Gold I league but it wasn’t an easy one as I was knock down to the mid area of the Gold II league when I finally completed my daily quest. I was thinking I had all the arsenal to do battle with the Death Splinter but it wasn’t just clicking as these guys rushing somewhere above were just defeating in battles as is I was in level 1. Lol.

Day 29 Daily Quest Battle - won 7 of 21.jpg

Won 7 of the 21 Quest battles

The Death Splinter was a very a very tough one for me today. Every rule that came up and every strategy I used for the battles seemed not to work. I kept getting hit and from every angle and nothing seemed to work. I even bumped into @definethedollar and he gave me the beating I forgot. Lol. I was really and truly glad when my daily quest battle was finally completed. What a big relief, only 7 battle wins out of the 21 battles I fought to complete my daily quest.

Daily quest rewards with potion - Day 29.jpg

Rewards day 29

After complaining for 4 days I finally got 1 penny Gold card today while others are common cards. I guess the leveling of my cards will be used for all the common cards I keep getting. So, Yee Pee! I’ve got another gold card, I hope this opens more doors for other bigger gold cards to come in. Lol.

You can watch my last battle today in the link below as I hope to see you in battle soon, thanks.

Battle of the day 29.jpg

Battle back to Gold I -Day 29.jpg

Battle back to Gold I league

I had to fight my way back up using whichever Summoner and splinter I felt was good enough for the ruler of a particular battle. I finally made it back to the Gold I league with 7 win of the 10 battles I fought to get back up.

Battle back to Gold I -Day 29 - won 7 of 10.jpg

Won 7 of the 10 to go back to Gold I league

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Fantastic grind through Splinterlands. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thanks a lot my dear, you are appreciated.