End of season rewards

in #sptlast year

Hello everyone here's my end of season rewards I managed to make it to gold ll and here are the cards I won its always good to see a gold foil card and I got some cards I needed to level up InShot_20200115_090519514.jpg

Here's the rest of my winnings I'm happy with all the cards let's see if I can make it higher up the league if you play this game what was the best card you got at the end of the season InShot_20200115_090643859.jpg
Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope that you enjoyed this post see you on the splinterlands battlefield


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Congrats on your rewards. Happy playing in the new season :)

Thanks buddy 👍🏾 🍻 !BEER hopefully I can get higher this season 🤞🏾 !trdo

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