End of season rewards

in #sptlast year

Hello everyone here's my end of season rewards from splinterlands game formally known as steemmonsters all I can say is thanks for the end of season rewards and also thanks for making such a great game I've been playing it from the beginning almost I was playing everyday when I first started playing but it's not possible to play every day now I'm to budy but I do try and give it a go anytime I have some free time ok here's my rewards I'm happy with the cards not my best end of season rewards but hey they can't always be the best let's hope next time I can get higher up the league and get bigger and better end of season rewards InShot_20200201_090630946.jpg

I have to say it's been a really good investment and a lot of fun InShot_20200201_090729855.jpg

Thanks for reading and viewing this post I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with family friends and loved ones


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