Splinterlands API Documentation

in #sptlast year

I've spent some time watching the #developers channel in the Splinterlands Discord servers and every so often someone comes in asking if there is any documentation. There's been a Google Docs spreadsheet (here) but I decided to expand this list with examples on GitHub.



For those developing anything related to Splinterlands and would like to contribute feel free to make suggestions or corrections. Hopefully this will be of use to someone else considering building something in the Splinterlands sphere.

I intend to at some point to start documenting the games custom JSONs with JavaScript examples and will likely include them in this repository.

Enjoy the rest of your day :)


This is really cool well done!

Wow, really useful!


This is high quality work! Thanks for sharing this helpful documentation.

Thanks so much for posting this. I am new to making API calls, so this is very helpful and saves me so much time.

Your welcome. I haven't been actively updating the list of API calls, so if you think something needs to be added let me know :)