Update: CSV Download and Improved Sorting - Splinterlands Reward Cards Stats on GitHub.io

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Data regarding Reward Edition cards for Splinterlands. This page displays Reward Card stats.


  • CSV Download -

Not really a major feature since the table can be copy-pasted into excel. The functionality is something I want to have for my next idea. I am planning to the player market history from Splinterlands and have a one click download as .csv. Any suggestions?

  • Fixed Sorting - After adding sorting functionality last week there were a couple things to fix.

First of all was the percentage printed returning the completed cards as lower than the new cards.

Second was the ordering of cards based on rarity. I wanted to have them in order of actual rarity and not a-Z:

Changes have been made so these both behave as expected:



Enjoy the rest of your day :)


Keep up the good work in this project! I think I have some code to download a csv file. Let me know if you want it. You might be able to find it on stackoverflow too. That's where I find a lot of coding help.

CSV File download implemented with this post 👍

At least, it works for me...

I read it wrong. 😮😝 I thought you were planning to implement the CSV file download.! I'll have to give it a try and see if it works for me. 👍

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