A lil bit boring game but something worth to enjoy

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first time I won on this ruleset, earthquake and little league, here is the link to the battle

Hello Rumblers 🤸 🤸

I missed the dq again yesterday 😁 I'm not in the mood to play Steemmonsters, but somehow I keep checking on the deck.


I started doing the dq last night, after 1 winning, I keep losing then I stop

Few minutes ago, I started to try playing though I supposed to have a nap😄.


winning streaks and dq has completed

Since I already a member of guild, Team possible Power which has a rule to contribute 250 DEC weekly, I just contributed and gain the same amount from today's battles too.


Gold 2 unlocked and we'll see if we can get the gold 1 in 3 days

Anyway, I don't know whether I can survive the HF21 if I don't play Splintersland and create posts about it. I have no other things to share about except the game, battles and rumbles, rewards and streaks.


no surprise rewards, I like the phantom 😍

Mission accomplished, I need to go out and enjoy the fresh air after drizzle, I love the scent of the wet soil after the rain. Have a happy day and enjoy your battles🍀