Gloridax Revenge quest, it's tough but laughable 😂

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Back to my usual rewards

Hi Everyone 🤹

I got a proving ground quest yesterday, when I tried to win 1 battle on the qualifier round (it's a kobold mining tournament), I lost and got eliminated. So I changed the quest and got the dragon quest for the First time in this season.

I won the first of 5, but then 4 strikes loses and I called it quits! Let's try it in another perfect time. Few minutes ago I login and continued the mission.
It's not easy, though 🏋️ looks like everyone got earth and dragon quest too

Especially when you're playing on gold 1 league and you know many opponents have better decks, all you need is luck and a right splinter to go alongside Daria Dragonscale. In my other alts, I like Daria with fire splinter, but here... Death splinter is perfect!
Winning 5 of 9 is not bad and maintain my rating to stay around the gold 1 for 3 more days, I hope

When you chosen the right splinter for particular rulesets, you still can't avoid the loses when your opponent has a better cards🙃 you don't have time to check on their collection cards while you need to make a team, right? I'm too ignorant to check on other's decks fun😂
The best battle of the day😉, I lost of course but it's fine because my opponent has higher level Daria with perfect team

You want to watch the battle? Then click here. It's not the top battle, but I learnt something from it. Speed is an important thing to consider when you make a team🌠.

Gotta go and playing some alts now🤗 have a wonderful day☕


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