Season Rewards Unveil

in #sptlast year


This is my personal best for highest League achieved in a Season. I hope to do the same or better in the new season.

I almost forgot to potion up before claiming, but remembered last minute. Legendary Alchemy, gimme luck!!

Let's see some cards, shall we?


This is a great start. Seeing some gold, and some Legendary.


I just bought two of these Lord Arianthus today to get up to level 3. Now starting toward 4, and need to buy 1 less than I thought.


Solid, not spectacular, but 2 golds and 2 legendaries in already out of 60 cards... I have zero complaints about whatever comes up in the next three sets.


Crystal Werewolf doppelganger?


That's pretty meh. What will be in the last set? GFL? Probably not, but a man can dream...



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