Let's Splintertalk then shall we? Mix n Match.

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Which 3 abilities would you like to see together?

If you could design your own card; which 3 would combine to make an absolute monster?

Melee - Shatter - Reach - Affliction
Magic - Blast - Life Leech - Self Heal
Ranged - Blast - Poison - Stun

Leave your builds in the comments.
Love this game :)


Matt you are the man! Look at the engagement you drive. You need to post more!!

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I looked it up once, and I make 50 comments for every post; probably 60 or 70 now.
90% learning, 10% teaching - keeps the 10% good :)

Melee- Blast- life leech- Trample : *would the life leech trigger twice due to the blast?
Magic-Blast-Snipe-Stun : Take out everyone behind the tank first.
Ranged- Blast-Snipe -Stun/poison

I love me some Blast!

Trample doesn't trigger when blast kills a card. I tested it with Exploding Dwarf.
Don't know about life leech on blast. If it acts like magic reflect, then it probably would.
Man, imagine Exploding Dwarf but with life leech; in Armoured Up with an Armorsmith support...

Super Tank!

I would like to have self heal, protect, and magic reflect, and preferably at one mana. :)

Defensive mindset. I like it. Would this be melee, magic or ranged?

I love magic, so hopefully adds to my water magic team. :)

Melee - Enrage, Double Strike, Retaliate
Magic - Blast, Opportunity, Shatter
Ranged - Blast, Opportunity, Piercing

Savage choices there. Love the teamwork from your magic card; using shatter.
I wouldn't want to come up against your melee card. Good policy, though.
Somebody smacks you around, get furious and hit him back harder; twice.

@remind-me in 2 years.

Hey @mattclarke, I will notify you on February 12th 2022, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( your reminders , read more... )

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks these things....

Not only have I though of what abilities I'd like to see in certain cards, but I've thought up actual characters and game scenarios I'd love to see. Example:

images (2).jpeg

Earth splinter; poison wasp/bee
Abilities: melee attack 2, with sneek/snipe, fly, poison.

Low cost of 3 manna, quick speed(4), poor life (2).

The list goes on!!

Plus I'd like to see a few more game "rules of combat"

images (3).jpeg

ROYAL RUMBLE would be epic. Choose any summoner and play any card, from ALL splinter. Make the min manna high (mid 20s), and let all hell break loose.

I could go on, but I don't want to give away too many of my good ideas.

Bedlam. Love it.
Two rulesets I'd like to see...

Seeing Double You can summon the same card twice.
Spare Change Unused mana is added to tank health.

Seeing double was something I had though of too. I called it "double trouble".

I think we should get together and make a break away game?? Lol

Spare change is a great idea, I like that choice of being able to play a crappy 2mana card or add that to the tank.

A few splinters are definitely missing a few key cards and if @aggroed ever wants some tips, I'm sure we could sort him out for a few extra packs 😜

Two great ideas for new rules.
You could leapfrog your spineback wolves.
Thorns for days!

i go for the melee but i want my monster to have at least 5 speed

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Yes, high speed melee is the best, preferably hi health, flesh golem style. :)

I want that blast , poison, and sun! That sounds like a deadly combo.

Blast, shield, retaliate.

I would have Protection / Thorns / Heal

I would go with Ranged (Blast - Poison - Stun).

My favorite splinter is earth and I have a maxed Selenia Sky and a level 3 3 Prince legendary summoner.

Prince Rennyn should snatch the crown from Lord Agapanthus.

Good question I mean I love a solid front like melee with healing but I also love a powerful ranged in the back lines dishing out some serious damage.

Blast is a rather solid perk on a ranged and Snipe

Nice question.I did like to have Magic - Blast, Life leech & Self heal

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