So I ran an accidental experiment, very happy with the results.

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For a while now, I've been spending a lot of time in the Splinterlands discord.
Earlier in the year it was very common for a new player to drop in complaining they'd run out of Resource Credits.
I'd give them a 20-25 SP delegation and rarely heard from them again.

I had a bit of spare time tonight and thought I'd take back the oldest of these delegations, and checked each of the recipients on to see if they were still active.

Naturally I wasn't optimistic. The chain has a low retention rate; and these were the newest of newcomers. They were the few who played so enthusiastically that they'd run out of RC's, but then often the hottest flame burns out the quickest.

Out of the 14 accounts - 12 of them have been active on chain in the last 24 hours; 13 of them in the last week.

Quite a few have segued into blogging; a couple are playing more Drugwars than Splinterlands; but almost all of them are still here; which was far beyond my wildest expectations.

I know it's easy to surrender to the FUD, particularly as the bitcoin price starts to power off into the distance; but this is an amazing place to be; and every day, people old and new are finding new reasons to hang around.

 last year (edited)

Very interesting and positive results. It shows that compelling games can grow Steem, building new communities.

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I notice you've been getting into Next Colony, which looks pretty cool. @quantumnachos is building twinforge which is also very promising, and I noticed Yaba is a big supporter of a lot of these other games, which has to be encouraging to the devs.
Tools that have been built aren't going anywhere. Keychain, Steem-engine, SCOTbot, and a heap of code I'll never see or understand; they're all available for use by new games.
The more the merrier. #samemoon.

Very interesting and positive results. It shows that compelling games can grow Steem, building new communities.

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@abh12345 did a similar check some time back and his retention rate is way better than the average too.

Interesting, it was good to read that the ones that didn't stick with SM still found something of interest to stay around for.

I pulled back some of my delegations as well, mainly because they weren't needed anymore.

Without your large Steem Power delegation is have been really frustrated by not being able to comment early on.

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Glad to help, mate. I think what you do is important; and that's one of the joys of having a decent stake, you can support the people and messages of your choice. Glad to see you still here, too.

Great job and great update!

I've always been of the opinion if we help people be successful, (not gift) they will in turn love Steem tell others about it, want to be a part of it.

If we make people feel unwanted, unvalued, ignored.. Well, just the opposite happens

Yes, I think people generally want the satisfaction of doing it entirely themselves. Give them too much help and it becomes an unsatisfying 'shared' victory.
RCs are kind of different though. It doesn't help them win matches, just lets them play more frequently.


Dang I would not have expected that! That is a crazy high retention rate so you must be doing something right. Thank you

@mattclarke is doing a lot of things right! He was supportive of me early on and connected me with other Steemians that have also been helpful to me. 😘

It's hard to learn not to fall for FUD and/or FOMO. They're both staged by the whales and if you don't learn you get rekt. There's constructive criticism vs. mindless and emotional reaction to price. Two totally different things. I have about 10K STEEM and plan to buy more if price stays low, just don't have the cash atm.

I'm glad to see you were able to help people stick around and find their place amongst the community. It's definitely not that easy to keep people around with how things can feel early on, unless they get some help, and a small push.

Wow that’s excellent retension rates! Well done mate on your generosity in welcoming these people. You’re right, Steem is a fantastic community to be part of.

How's that screenreader compatibility stuff going on Splinterlands? Is it working well?
I love the idea of broadening accessibility like that, also how adding new languages is such a big priority.

Yes, it’s gotten much better recently. @yabapmatt has been very helpful in addressing a couple of issues I had. But not sure if he has had time to look into the issues raised by @aiyumi.

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I envision Bran Stark saying "Matt, you're a good man"

He got a little smug for my liking, right at the end, so did a lot of the key players.
I felt the series peaked when Daenerys torched the huge, wooden hut full of tough guys and walked out unscathed. That was gangster :)

Thanks for your support on my posts.

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I looked back on my delegations of the past 18 months and found a similar 90% ish activity from the accounts I had delegated to. That 'little' SP to get an account kickstarted means more than it's value in $ and RCs I think, you've gained a friend and kept their eyes open to the possibilities here.

I guess because they were pretty new and playing mostly in the lower leagues I never saw their account names again by being matched up in battle, so expectations weren't so high.
Thought I got lucky on the first few, and couldn't believe it as I kept going.
I'd have been happy with 5 of 14.

You helped me too! 😘

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... and you're still here :)

And then you know that you did good dude....

Surely I do believe that your efforts like these DO make a difference in the end

That's interesting. I've seen a lot of accounts playing, but not blogging and I hadn't considered their RCs. If they do blog they can but votes with DEC now. That has kept me playing.

And if they do that, their SP and RCs will grow to the point where they don't need the extra support any more.
It's amazing how cleverly the Splinterlands devs have structured this whole ecosystem.

It has improved. I was losing interest before DEC. I am still open to leasing my cards to small accounts for free to let them build up a bit. I play too much really.

Let us all keep attracting and bringing more people to this community

Well mate, I'm still here.

It is semi-reassuring that these account have stuck about. Retention was always going to be an issue if people only came for the $$. The steemit platform and steem blockchain offer so much more.

wow amazing words i have

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